Workers at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach Hotel filed a class-action suit Thursday against the hotel's owners alleging that management failed to pay overtime and provide adequate meal and rest breaks.

Also Thursday, representatives from hotel workers union Unite HERE Local 11 announced a campaign to unionize the more than 300 workers at the hotel, owned by Hyatt Global Corp.

The purported class action suit, filed in Superior Court, alleges that management at the 528-room hotel set quotas of up to 30 rooms a day for each housekeeper, forcing several to work overtime and forego meal and rest periods. The suit also alleges that the hotel failed to pay for the overtime incurred and the meal and rest periods that were skipped.

Exact figures for the amount of back wages and damages being sought have yet to be calculated, according to Randy Renick, the attorney representing the employees in the class action lawsuit.

Renick noted that the hotel has received about $76 million in subsidies from the city of Long Beach.

"It is beyond all standards of what is right or decent for the Hyatt Long Beach, which has benefited from taxpayer money, to fail to pay its employees for all the hours their employees are required to work," he said.

Hyatt Regency Long Beach General Manager Jeff Pace said Thursday afternoon that he had not seen the lawsuit and was not prepared to comment on it.

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