We can only imagine how big a swig a mere mortal would need to wash down the taste of slashing his listing price by almost 50 percent.

But Russ Weiner, the Rockstar energy drink magnate, is no mere mortal when it comes to real estate. He owns plenty of homes (and we mean "owns" as in free and clear) including the 18,000-square-foot home that is now listed at $11.9 million, down from its original listing price of $22 million. And luckily, his drink of choice comes in 11 flavors and with a megabolt of caffeine.

Weiner, who created one of the top three energy drinks in the world and sits as founder and chief executive of the Las Vegas-based company that bears its name, has had the Palladian-style home on and off the market since October 2007. He bought it in 2005, paying in the $8 million-$9 million range and has done extensive restoration work.

And there certainly are plenty of play toys that come in this Sunset Strip sandbox: a $1 million resort-style grotto pool, waterfalls and slide that Weiner installed; a north-south tennis court with views of the city to distract your opponent's game; a three-story indoor racquetball court and gym; a ballroom that used to be a sunken disco and now reflects a more adult palate; and a detached five-bedroom guest house. The home has a 2,000-square-foot master suite that includes a projection screen, a commercial elevator, and a gourmet kitchen that we suspect bachelor Weiner has yet to personally ever use. There are nine bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, and 30-foot ceilings in the living room.

The price cut, even if breathtaking in its scope, has been incremental, said listing agent Michael Eisenberg of Keller Williams Estates, Beverly Hills. Eisenberg said that given the size of the property, its price per square foot is below market. Plus his client has bought another home and is ready to let go of this one.

The Doheny Hills property was previously owned by department store heir Ted Fields and then sold to basketball star Carlos Boozer. Boozer leased it to rock star Prince, but we won't go there out of respect for the neighbors' reoccurring nightmares. Weiner, who owns several other homes in Los Angeles and on the East Coast, sold a poured-in-place concrete megalith in the Hollywood Hills in January for $8 million. He was also represented in that sale by Eisenberg, who is the highest-grossing Keller Williams agent in Southern California. Weiner is the son of conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage.


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