The Business Journal occasionally checks in with L.A. executives and asks them to describe their day. This week, Emily Weber, director of operations at Immediate Music, a Santa Monica film and commercial production music company, discusses her routine.

I wake up around 7 a.m. to make the commute from Silver Lake to Santa Monica. I'm usually out the door by 8:30, and depending on whether I take the bus, drive or bike I get into the office around 9:30 or 10.

On the bus or driving I can take care of some morning business on my BlackBerry even before I get into the office. We have a lot of European and overseas clients, so I can work on my BlackBerry while I'm driving. Don't worry, I'm really good at it.

When I get into work, it's all about the clients. I'm a music liaison, communicating with our clients to make sure their musical needs are met. Trailer production companies are our main clients. They'll come to me in the early hours of the morning or really late at night looking for music for their trailers and I direct them to our in-house composers and catalogs.

I think I'm really good at handling clients and their music needs, especially when they come to me with weird requests. I've gotten requests for an orchestral track that sounds like the Ramones, or Scottish music that sounds like the "Rocky" theme. Seventy percent of my day is looking for music requests, dealing with composers and looking for new talent composers, artists, bands.

I'm always looking for fresh talent. Being in bands, I've found that the most thriving music scenes are under the radar of the music industry. When I was playing, I always knew where to look and it wasn't normally in L.A. There are thriving music communities all over. In Missouri there is a huge indie music scene. Who would have guessed?

Basically my day is never structured and the end of the day is trying to get out as soon as possible. It's usually around 8 p.m., but I always try to leave at 6 p.m. So it really takes two hours to get out of the office. Friday nights are crazy. Some clients will come in looking for music in a panic because their deadline is over the weekend, so we work together to put together what they're looking for.

Because things are always coming up, I really can't make plans. But if I do get a chance, I play on the weekends with a couple of bands. I play saxophone, bass, percussion and I sing. Identity Theft, an '80s cover band, is the one I play with the most and every once in a while I'll play for Blonde Jovi, an all-girl cover band.

Emily Weber
Director of Operations
Immediate Music

'Weird' Choice: My favorite artist, believe it or not, is Weird Al Yankovic. Wherever he plays I go to see him and I have every CD and movie he's made.

Munchies: If I could snack on anything, it would be fruit and nuts bananas and almonds to be exact. I'm a big health nut.

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