Equatorial Guinea

Source of Wealth: Government enterprises

Controversial Equatorial Guinea Prince Teodorin Nguema Obiang Mangue has a lavish estate in Malibu on Sweetwater Mesa Road. The heir to Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang, the man known as Little Teodoro paid $35 million for the 16-acre compound inside the Serra Retreat gated enclave. The 2006 purchase was the largest in California that year. Obiang the elder, the much reviled dictator of Equatorial Guinea who came to power with a coup in 1979, is said to have pilfered hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars from the Central African state's coffers over the years. The playboy son owns the nation's only private radio station and is the director of the state-owned TV station. Reportedly jet-sets around the world and has dated rapper and actress Eve. Equatorial Guinea under family's rule has become one of the world's poorest nations and a haven for the sex and drug trades.



Source of Wealth: Media, retailing

The owner of Mexico's No. 2 TV broadcaster has a U.S. network called Azteca America headquartered in Century City. Founded in 2001, Azteca now reaches 82 markets with programming drawn from its Mexican parent. Last year the American network partnered with the National Autonomous University of Mexico to provide "Survival English" courses on TV and at a satellite campus in L.A. Salinas obtained an MBA from Tulane University, then joined family business Elektra, a chain of electronics stores in Mexico. He became president six years later. When the Mexican government privatized some TV stations in 1993, Salinas paid $645 million for the package. His Grupo Salinas also controls banks, cell phone and insurance companies. In 2005, the SEC investigated him for improper transactions. Rather than fight, he delisted his companies from U.S. exchanges. Fortune estimated at $1.6 billion.



Source of Wealth: Founded several companies

Serial entrepreneur, who made his fortune with several Japanese companies that he founded, has ensconced himself in a second home in Beverly Hills. Apparently spends about half of his time in Japan and the other half at his hillside mansion, where he runs Benten Trading Corp. Also owns a yacht and is a member of several prestigious local clubs, including the Regency Club, the Riviera Country Club and the Century City Rotary Club. Acquaintances say he is quiet and unassuming. His wife is named Yoko.

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