The American Trucking Association on Monday filed a lawsuit against the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach over elements of their controversial truck replacement programs.

In the suit, filed in Los Angeles federal court, the trucking group alleges that the ports are attempting to impose restrictions on motor carriers that are tantamount to industry regulation, which violates federal law.

The ports plan to kick off their $2.2 billion Clean Trucks Program Oct. 1 by banning all pre-1989 rigs from the harbor. The effort, which will result in the replacement of roughly 16,800 short-haul trucks with cleaner burning models, is aimed at reducing diesel truck emissions by 80 percent.

The trucking group has said it supports the ultimate goal, but disagrees with the ports' insistence that they regulate which companies can receive concessions to continue operating in the harbor.

Experts say the lawsuit will likely result in an injunction blocking at least some elements of the program for a year or more.

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