, 91

Chairman, Chief Executive
Topa Equities Ltd.

Why not retire?

I enjoy working. I look forward to it every day. I own and operate 42 companies and each and every one of them is making money. I especially enjoy working with other people. I have wonderful people who work for me. I feel very privileged.

Do you think you ever will retire?

No. I never want to retire. I enjoy working too much to retire.

How does your spouse feel about that?

My family is all working. They follow me. My wife is director of a number of companies. She has always been a part of the work. She's now almost 80.

What's the best aspect of working past 80?

The ability to make money and to work with a wonderful team of people.

What's the worst?

I really can't think of anything. Oh wait, I guess there is one: Every day I answer the phone and I end up telling people that my companies are not for sale.

Do you work more or fewer hours than you did in your 30s or 40s?

I definitely don't work as much as I used to. But I still work five to six days every week; if not eight hours each day, then close to it. I don't work more than eight hours now.

How do you keep up to date with industry trends and technological advances?

I read a lot; I read the Wall Street Journal, Barrons and BusinessWeek. My people communicate with e-mail, but I don't. Also, my companies are simple businesses: beverage distribution, insurance companies and agencies.

What do you hope is your next big accomplishment?

I don't really have one. Just to keep going and make sure all my companies remain profitable.

What's your physical fitness regime?

I keep weights in the office. I used to walk five miles every day, but now I do it every other day.

What advice would you give to people who want to follow in your footsteps?

Work hard. Also, I believe very strongly that you should always be ethical in your business, always do the right thing.

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