Fullerton native Rynda Laurel got an early start in the worlds of music promotion and interactive marketing, handing out band fliers at rock shows when she was 17.

The work was Laurel's launch pad into a career in the music industry. She worked at several labels in Los Angeles and New York over the years, in positions ranging from office manager to talent scout in the artists and repertoire (A & R;) department.

It was during this period that Laurel learned the value of personal relationships. "I've always found someone that was a mentor to me, that saw potential in me that I didn't even know that I had," she said. "I've always been handed things that I didn't think I was capable of doing, and I got it done."

Laurel shifted gears a couple of years ago and joined online interactive marketing business Jetset Studios, which creates promotional Web sites, viral buzz projects and original video content for mostly show business clients. Laurel was brought into the firm by people she had originally worked with 10 years ago and was recently promoted to vice president of operations.

"I came in to Jetset and helped them balance their creative sides. I'm very organized and my bosses are very creative, so it fits very well," she said.

The Jetset position came at an opportune time. Laurel had taken a year off from the music business and was unsure of her next move. However, she had grown accustomed to sporadic unemployment in her chosen field.

"I had to go back to selling makeup" at times, Laurel said. "With record labels, they'll usually merge and then clean out the A & R; department."

Despite her extensive work in the music industry, Laurel finds Jetset a good match for her and her skills.

"I started here wondering what I was doing, and now it's been two years," she said. "I always knew that business was about relationships, and they've always come naturally. Here, I've learned that I've had to go out and create relationships. You can't go out to sell, you have to help them with what they need."

Laurel is single and lives in Santa Monica. In her spare time, she likes taking photographs and gardening.

"I work in a technology space; it's so important to disconnect from my iPhone," she said. "My boyfriend and I like to plant vegetables."

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