In a move designed to pressure the Screen Actors Guild into making a deal, the majors have told the performers union to forget about asking for sweeter terms than those secured by the WGA and DGA, Variety reports.

In an open letter issued Monday by the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers, the congloms sent a clear signal to SAG leaders not to expect special treatment at the bargaining table. Though it used a moderate tone, the AMPTP underlined that it won't break the pattern set in the recent deals with writers and directors.

SAG's talks start April 15, and AFTRA -- which split off from the Screen Actors Guild late last month -- begins April 28.

"We hope that our negotiations with SAG and AFTRA will bolster this new economic framework, enabling all of us to share equitably in the success of new media and to respond with creativity and swiftness to market changes," the AMPTP said. "If our industry relies on this new framework, we can all avoid more harmful and unnecessary strikes."

The missive is designed to warn SAG that its leaders' plans to seek improvements in new media and DVD residuals are non-starters. It arrives as the town remains unnerved by the assertive tone of SAG's approach and its strong alliance with the WGA during the 100-day writers strike, sparking worries a second work stoppage may be in the offing after SAG's feature-primetime contract expires June 30.

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