As a consultant for startups, Jason Nazar spent much of his workday looking for documents online, from business plans to licensing agreements.

"I found myself wishing that there was a YouTube of sorts for documents," Nazar said. "So I decided to start one."

That was last year, his final year at Pepperdine University, where he completed a J.D./MBA dual-degree program.

He spent the next year raising $750,000 in investments from entrepreneurs including Robin Richards, founding president of, and Brett Brewer, one of the founders of Intermix, former parent company of MySpace.

Nazar found his chief technology officer, Alon Shwartz, in true Web 2.0 form on, a professional networking site. Shwartz formerly led product development at MySpace.

The concept for Docstoc is simple: Instead of building an online community around photos and blogs, build one around documents people need in life whether it be wills or nondisclosure agreements.

Not the sexiest content, but the idea has gained traction since Docstoc launched five months ago. TechCrunch, a popular technology blog, named Docstoc as one of the 40 "hottest startups" selected from a pool of 700 companies. The New York Times has also featured the company.

Docstoc currently has more than 200,000 user-generated documents, and in February, the site attracted a half-million visitors.

The company is 29-year-old Nazar's third startup. By age 25, Nazar had already founded a consulting service for entrepreneurs seeking venture capital and a motivational speaking and corporate training firm.

"I'll probably be starting companies for the rest of my life," Nazar said.

He enjoys the thrill of waking up every morning with the tangible possibility of the company taking a nose dive or taking off, he said.

As a young entrepreneur, Nazar expects to make more mistakes than he may later in his life. What he lacks in wisdom, he said, he more than makes up for in "chutzpah."

"People tell me I can't do something, and now I have the arrogance and the bravado to do it anyway because there is less risk associated with my decision," Nazar said.

Not yet married, and without family obligations, Nazar doesn't worry too much about paying the bills or keeping a balance in his life. He is free to be singularly devoted to Docstoc.

Eventually, Nazar hopes Docstoc will become a robust professional community of entrepreneurs, attorneys, students and business executives. Revenue is expected to flow from advertising on the site. Also, customers can purchase copyrighted content, such as research reports via the site's e-commerce component.

Docstoc also has plans to spin off a lead generation business from the site.

Booyeon Lee

Jason Nazar , 29, Founder and Chief Executive,, Beverly Hills

Business: Web site where users can upload professional documents including business plans, living trusts and contracts

Employees: 5

Financials: Company launched five months ago and is not yet profitable. Financially-backed by founders of, and

Fact: is Nazar's third startup.

Quote: "I'll probably be starting
companies for the rest of my life."

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