Kevin Morris had just negotiated a landmark deal that set Hollywood buzzing, giving the creators of "South Park," Matt Stone and Trey Parker, a precedent-setting 50 percent stake in the cartoon's success on the Web and other emerging media, the New York Times reports.

For Mr. Morris, this might have been the coup of a career. But he is already onto his next project: trying to build bridges between Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

In November, Mr. Morris wants to put entertainment and technology people together to hash out differences and dream up new deals. He will model it on the Sun Valley conference for media moguls, but plans to invite producers, directors, agents and others who understand the importance of the shift to new media , including the talent.

"It's great that those guys all meet and talk and ride bikes," Mr. Morris said, "but I'm not sure the exchange of ideas is happening at a more functional level." He hopes to get people who think things up for a living to start asking questions , like why there is still no Hollywood soap opera, variety show or drama on the Web.

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