Net Worth:

$950 million

Last Year: Age:



Beverly Hills

Source of Wealth:

Inheritance, entertainment

The Money: An heir to the Marshall Field & Co. department store fortune, Field made it big when he founded Interscope Records. He's now focusing on film production. Major film release for 2006 was "Waist Deep," a flop that grossed only $21 million in domestic and foreign theatrical release. Estimated losses likely erased any investment gains for the year.

Buzz: The busy mogul has three movies ready for distribution this year, including the anticipated "Jeff the Demon." The 50-plus films that give Field a producer credit include "Runaway Bride" and "The Last Samurai." Field now serves as chairman of Radar Pictures and Radar Records, which last year closed a deal with private equity partners to co-finance 25 movies in the $20-million budget range. Field had to wrest his share of the family fortune from half-brother Marshall V in a Chicago court struggle. With inheritance in hand, he came to Los Angeles and founded Interscope, which distributed rap tunes from Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Universal bought Interscope for $330 million in 1995. Field acquired camera maker Panavision in 1982, and then sold it in 1987. Sunk $45 million into failed dot-com music site ArtistDirect Inc.

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