The investment firm run by former Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Michael Eisner has launched a studio that will produce and distribute videos for the Internet, portable media devices and cell phones.

Eisner founded the L.A.-based Tornante Co. after he left the entertainment giant in 2005. The firm has been part of several deals, most recently the $385 million acquisition of baseball card and bubble gum maker Topps Co. Tornante has also purchased Team Baby Entertainment, which produces sports-themed DVDs for kids, and a San Diego studio named Vuguru, which will make the mobile movies.

The first production will be called "Prom Queen" and will be a mystery comprised of 80 installments, each 90 seconds. The film, which the company described as a "blend of love, gossip and betrayal," will be released April 2 on Vuguru's site, online magazine and

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