The Second District Court of Appeals on Friday overturned a Superior Court judge's ruling that would have removed a measure from the November ballot on lengthening term limits for L.A. councilmembers.

The measure is subject to an Oct. 3 hearing, but given the deadline for printing the ballot, it is likely to go to the voters.

The measure, which was crafted by the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and the Los Angeles Chapter of the League of Women Voters and presented to the City Council, changes the current two-term limit for councilmembers, allowing current and former members to serve a third term. It also imposes numerous ethics restrictions on lobbyists.

The proposal won unanimous City Council approval, was signed by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa last month and was placed on the November ballot as Measure R.

But local term limits advocate Neal Donner and the U.S. Term Limits advocacy group sued, saying the measure violated the single-subject rule and that the lobbying reform provisions were only put in to hide the real purpose of extending term limits.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Robert O'Brien sided with the plaintiffs in a ruling on Thursday. That ruling was overturned on appeal.

A hearing date was set for Oct. 3 to consider the merits of the arguments over the measure.

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