Robert Woolway has been in private equity on the West Coast for close to 24 years. But football was a big part of the life of Trinity Capital LLC's new senior managing director, too.

He was on the gridiron with the national championship Loyola High School team when he was a student there, and played linebacker for Harvard University, where he majored in economics.

Woolway considered following in the footsteps of his father, an attorney, and applied to Harvard Law School. He was accepted, but never went. "I asked for and got a deferral. People encouraged me to get some kind of internship that would be meaningful where I could get exposed to a variety of businesses and experiences."

He got a two-year internship at Dean Witter. It was that job that piqued Woolway's interest in investment banking.

So instead of going to law school, Woolway got his M.B.A. from Stanford University. Since then he has worked for companies such as Salomon Brothers and Merrill Lynch. He headed up JP Morgan's Los Angeles office for a time.

Woolway now initiates and manages client relationships for Trinity Capital in order to secure new assignments for the firm and to manage accounts on behalf of the clients.

"Right now I'm working on selling a lot of private companies. Many of our clients have decided that the interest rates and availability of capital make now a good time to sell."

Woolway and his wife, Cathy, have two children. He still enjoys watching high school and college football. Other interests include skiing and wine collecting.

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