In the wake of an ongoing investigation into the source of an E. coli outbreak, Taco Bell has dropped Irwindale-based Ready Pac Produce as its produce supplier and switched to Taylor Farms in Salinas, the Pasadena Star-News reports.

"Out of an abundance of caution, we switched our produce supplier for all of our produce, including white onions, for New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware," Taco Bell Corp Greg Creed said in a company statement.

The move impacts Ready Pac's processing center in Florence, N.J., but Ready Pac spokesman Steve Dickstein figures it won't last long.

"Our expectation is that this is a temporary move until the investigation unfolds," Dickstein said. "We have had an outstanding health and safety record for 38 years."

Green onions, or scallions, were initially thought to have been to blame for the outbreak, although federal testing has failed to confirm that.

All but four of Taco Bell's 86 New Jersey restaurants were back in business Tuesday even as the fast-food chain and health officials across the country sought what caused an outbreak of E. coli that sickened scores of customers in four states.

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