It's a teenage girl's dream.

She roots through designer dresses and expensive shoes in the closets of some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood.

She shops all afternoon and gets paid for it. And she makes even more money selling celebrity hand-me-downs on eBay.

That's the only-in-L.A. life of Kimberly Kardashian, daughter of Robert Kardashian best known for his appearances on the O.J. Simpson defense team. As a freelance stylist, eBay vendor and personal shopper, the 25-year-old has turned her passion for fashion into a career.

Kardashian has been working with Paris Hilton, transforming a bedroom of the celebutante's house into a closet not a small task.

"Paris has so many clothes and it is not all organized when you get there," she said.

Her role as closet cleaner combines some elements of her role as stylist. Kardashian's closet job is to make suggestions about what is fashionable and what needs to go. Her system for discarding old clothes is simple: everything out of style must be sold.

"I am not into keeping clothes that are older and dingy unless it is completely sentimental or something the client really wants to hold onto except great vintage pieces," she said. "My theory is if it comes back in style, it will be cooler the second time around."

At the beginning of a consulting appointment, Kardashian gathers all of the client's clothes in one room. She goes through them piece by piece with the client and separates the clothes into categories including dresses, skirts, jeans, and T-shirts.

As part of the project, Kardashian hires contractors to build closet racks and shelves. Hilton's new closet includes 15 racks exclusively for hanging clothes, set up like a store. Kardashian orders hangers, color coordinates the clothes, and if need be, has a second closet built in the garage for coats and other off-season garments.

A big part of the job is dealing with clutter.

"You don't want work and business stuff and pictures together with your clothes," she said. "The clients I work for have assistants or secretaries. Sometimes we hand what we find off to them."

Clients appreciate her efforts.

"When you have kids, your closet can be like another kid," said Bernadette Leonard, wife of former boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and Kardashian's godmother. "I feel 15 years younger now that Kim organized my closet."

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