I get up early, usually between 4:30 and 5 a.m., and I take a bubble bath my morning luxury. It allows me to get centered. I meditate after I'm all dressed. If I have a breakfast business meeting, which is usually two or three times a week, I leave 30 minutes early and meditate when I get there. I like to start the day feeling happy. That's an important value.

I head to the office around 9 o'clock and what I do is prepare for a 10 o'clock first call, which means I go out and talk to a CEO or a CFO of a company. I'm in business development, which means I get paid to preach the gospel of Adminstaff. I look for great people with great companies and show them solutions on how to manage their employees using our services. Ninety-nine percent of the time I go to their office. I see if they are a good fit for us.

That meeting goes about an hour. What I usually do is I learn a little about them and I tell them about me. Sometimes we both look at each other and know it's not right. I had a guy recently who right off the bat told me, "I don't think your model is going to work with us." That's fine.

If it is a good fit, we proceed. It is a very conversational business. People end up telling me things you wouldn't believe. I'll find out if people are getting a divorce or having a partner situation. CEOs and CFOs are lonely positions. They often don't have peers to talk to in the office.

They give me information about their business and its employee information. I construct an investment analysis about what their employees are costing them at that time. When that meeting is over, I'm en route; I'm on my phone following up with clients.

I get paid not only to bring the client in but to keep them as a client.

Someone called me this morning because they wanted me to come out and give them information on renewal contracts. They may have questions about employee benefits. Maybe they are asking, "How do I process a bonus payroll?" The good calls are the client referrals. I could be on the phone calling up a prospect, or checking on a client.

I check up with my husband and make sure everyone got to school. I've always been working, but full-time only since my husband had to go
on disability.

I sometimes have a luncheon appointment. If not, I go to the office and work through lunch, following up with e-mails. I usually have a 2 o'clock or a 4 o'clock. I love being on the road and meeting people. I'm happier if I'm not in the office. That's the personality of a salesperson. I know I'm making more money if I'm out.

At least twice a week I have a cocktail meeting to go to. By the time it's over and I'm home, it is already 7 or 8. Usually if I've been to a cocktail meeting and I have had hors d'oeuvres, I won't eat dinner. Maybe I'll have a vitamin smoothie. Then my kids will talk to me for an hour and a half about what went on during their days. My son is a sixth grader and my daughter is a freshman in high school. They talk about everything. I talk to them till about 9:30. If there are dishes in the sink, who cares? They'll get done tomorrow. I think in spite of everything it is a happy, peaceful existence.
As told to Sarah Filus

* Monica Urquidi
Business Consultant

Worst Job: A brief stint at a direct marketing company. ("I felt like I was working for the devil. It was in a boiler room and everyone was really unethical.")
Frequent Reading: "The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn"
Hobby: Playing the guitar
Workout Routine: "I enjoy long walks. I did a half-marathon in June. Now I am in a gym."
Guilty Pleasure: Strawberry ice cream

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