LABJ FORUM - Dodger Dogs?

After briefly gaining a tie for first place in the National League West in mid-June, the Dodgers headed into a mid-season tailspin, falling 8 1/2 games behind the archrival San Francisco Giants as of July 8. With their hitting suspect and the season half over, the Business Journal asks:

Do you think the Dodgers can turn things around and make the playoffs?

Ben Amante
Senior Vice President, Franchising
Gold's Gym

Right now they don't have a good offense, they only have good pitchers. The hitting isn't working out. I wouldn't say they don't have a chance, but they need to quickly engage their offense and they could turn it around.

Pamela Webster
Buchalter Nemer Fields & Younger

I do. I'm an eternal optimist. I think the second half of the season can bring just about anything, including a first place for them for the National League West.

Jon Funk
Managing Director
Allegis Capital

No I don't. I think they stink. I think their hitting is anemic. Nothing they can do will turn things around. They already have the best pitching overall in the league. Shawn Green will not move out of his slump in time. The Diamondbacks and the Giants are too much better than they are.

Mike Solum
Director of Sports Marketing Business Development
Los Angeles Athletic Club

No. No offense. They can squeak out a few wins but unless they trade or get a good hitter in the next few weeks before the deadline I don't think they can make it.

Judy Dickerson Davis
Davis Bacon Material Handling

I would hope everyone that's having a bad season turns around. The Dodgers will turn it around because they acquired good people. It's just a season though, and people have more gifts than they realize. I pray that everyone think of their lives as a season and know that they're still in the game.

Danny Greenberg
Los Angeles Sports and Fitness Magazine

I'll be optimistic because I grew up a Cubs fan. I think the Dodgers can turn it around, their pitching is dominant and if they can produce some offense then they can definitely make an improvement.

Jay Berger
Morris & Berger

I'm the eternal optimist. I think they can do better than they've been doing because I've never seen an entire team go on a hitting slump at the same time. On the other hand, I don't think they can win the division unless they trade for or buy some more hitting. Even their defense and pitching is getting tired.

Elizabeth Parks
Business Manager
KPXN-TV (Channel 30)

They're still second on the West Coast. Yeah, I think they can turn it around.

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