LABJ FORUM - Ring Out the Old...

It's time for champagne and party hats and maybe even acting a little silly. It's also when we're supposed to take a few breaths and take stock. Lose weight? Volunteer at a soup kitchen? Be more thoughtful to your spouse? Or, in the greed-is-good department, how about making more money? So the Business Journal asks:

What is your New Year's resolution for 2004?

Jacqueline Pitt-Testa
Project Coordinator Division of HIV
Harbor UCLA Research Education Institute

I want to spend more time on personal projects like sewing, knitting and crafts. To keep up-to-date at work so deadlines don't stress me out. Spend more time with my family, to start mommy-and-me ice skating classes that will be something to keep me fit and it's something we can do together. To get together more with friends.

Jason Lee
Los Angeles Police Department

I want to be promoted. But that won't happen because of the California budget and all the cutbacks for the city. In order for the department to promote individuals and hire more police officers, it takes more money, which we don't have. I have kids and I hope they study hard and go to Harvard University.

David Aucoin
Vice President of Development

My resolution this year is not to have any resolutions because I obviously have not met any of them. I usually have the basic laundry list of resolutions, you know, lose weight, eat healthier, take care of everything, none of which I ever get done. So I don't have any resolutions anymore.

George Freeman
Distributed Systems Analyst
Northrop Grumman Corp.

My New Year's resolution is to get my home computer system to a more desirable state get room-to-room video conferencing so that my wife and I don't yell at each other up and down the stairs. Sounds easy, but it's been difficult to execute. At work, when my customers tell me they can't afford what they think they need and they want me to do it for free, I can learn to say, "Sorry, I gave you the best price." Right now I say, "I'll try." Personally, I want to exercise regularly, focus on my health and spend more time with family.

Marc Geiger
Senior Vice President
William Morris Agency

My New Year's resolution is in the context of the music business: I will sit on the sidelines and let the knuckleheads sort out their own declining market mess.

Megan MacEachern
Fortune Tee

"Those who work hard make good fortune." Always trust the fortune of the cookie.

Eric Briggs
The Salter Group

My New Year's resolution, which is similar to most people in my profession, is to take better advantage of the $1,000 I put into gym membership every year. God forbid, I walk around the block. And there's no way I will cancel it.

Carl Albert
Investor and former chairman
Fairchild Dormier

I've spent the last few months refurbishing a new house and my wife has spent a lot of time on her law practice. So I don't have anything formal. But my wife wants to spend more time on the things we enjoy, like traveling. So that's what we'll do.

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