My Favorite Sites

Kevin Aratari,
Managing Director, Mocean

This satirical site covers politics, world events and pop culture. It looks like a newspaper but the stories are ridiculous. I particularly like the editorials. I use this for stress relief during the day.

The Internet Movie Database has everything you ever wanted to know about any movie or actor. I can cross-reference movies and actors and learn interesting trivia.

I am a big car enthusiast and this site is all cars, all the time. It is perfect if you are a motorhead and like looking at statistics. It also features consumer reviews and maintenance records to help those interested in buying cars. I collect cars and use this site to research and to shop around. It is for autos.

This site gives me the dirt and documents on pop culture. They go though public records and find complaints that were filed. The featured document is always very funny. My favorite story is Jennifer Lopez's list of demands for her trailer during the charity remake of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On." Although it is completely mindless garbage, it's still fun.

Laurie Kaye

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