Stories for May 2002

Monday, May 27

Weekly Briefing: Legal Dreams Dissolve As Love of Art Grows

After immigrating to Europe in 1981 (and L.A. three years later) to escape the Iranian revolution, Hedi Khorsand envisioned becoming a lawyer.

Cities View Options As Adelphia Slows Payments, Services

The drama playing out at Adelphia Communications Corp. has reached Los Angeles, where the beleaguered cable giant has fallen weeks behind on its franchise fee payment to at least two cities.

County Urged to Tap Reserves for Health Department

Instead of cutting deeply into services for thousands of poor patients, officials of the area's hospital industry want the county to dig deeper into its $500 million reserve to prevent the public health system from falling apart.

Davis Names Three to Vacant Superior Court Posts

Gov. Gray Davis has moved to fill some of the 16 vacant judgeships on the Los Angeles County Superior Court, naming three private practice attorneys to the bench.

Ranks of Pentamillionaires Swell Throughout L.A., U.S.

Rich in L.A. - The Commonplace Millionaires

Neighborhood Gets Windfall From Real Estate Boom

Rich in L.A. - The Commonplace Millionaires

Blacks' Advocacy of Secession Short-Sighted

Commentary by Earl Ofari Hutchinson, author and columnist.

Race for Governor May Hold Key to Secession Turnout

POLITICS by Howard Fine

L.A.'s Top 50: Earning It, Inheriting It, Buying Into It

Rich in L.A. - The Wealthiest Angelenos

IPOs Boost Confidence But Market Future Up for Grabs

Wall Street West by Benjamin Mark Cole

Rich in L.A. - The Commonplace Millionaires

For the Incidentally Wealthy, Millions Mean A Middle-class Lifestyle; Not counting the cache of golf trophies in his basement, Jeff Nichols is the kind of guy that his La Habra neighbors don't have much trouble keeping up with.


First Lady's Former Press Aide Back in L.A.

Once Established, Capital Preservation Becomes Focus

Rich in L.A. - The Commonplace Millionaires

Being Cheap: Even Wealthy Among Us Can't Help It

Rich in L.A. - The Commonplace Millionaires

PROFILE: A Clear Path

Small Business: Glaspro Inc., a designer and manufacturer of architectural glass, has set its sights on broadening its client base by acquiring a wider range of talent

Closure of Living Section Precedes Large Overhaul of Times Features

The decision by Los Angeles Times executives to shut down the Southern California Living section is part of a broader plan to overhaul the newspaper's feature departments, an effort similar to that undertaken in recent months at The New York Times.

Defense Firm Sees Savings in Pending West L.A. Deal

Real Estate by Danny King

Major Deals, Acquisition Mark Growth Spurt for Animator DIC

Eighteen months after extricating itself from Walt Disney Co., Burbank children's television producer DIC Entertainment has signed its two biggest deals and is poised to announce the first of what company officials said would be several acquisitions.

LABJ Forum: Secession Goes to Voters

It's official: San Fernando Valley secession will be on the November ballot. As proponents on both sides gird for war, voters throughout the city are bracing for an onslaught of lobbying. So the Business Journal asks: Will you vote for Valley secession?

It's Time to Scrap Failed Economic Embargo of Cuba

Commentary by Leonard Pitts, columnist for the Miami Herald.

Budget Crunch May Cost Firms Key Tax Breaks

During economic downturns, government often extends a helping hand to business, enacting tax breaks to spur growth and turn the economy around.

Review & Preview

Weekly Columns

Wealthiest Angelenos

Combined Net Worth Rose Despite Recession And Some Big Flame Outs; The 50 wealthiest people in Los Angeles, as estimated by the Business Journal, have a total net worth of $76 billion, up slightly from $75 billion last year.

People Interview: Channel Surfing

Paula Madison, president and general manager of KNBC, is used to challenges, but creating the first dual-language duopoly is an experiment unique to U.S. TV

Disappointing Attendance Figures Raise Possibility of a Warhol Flop

The Andy Warhol retrospective, which opened this past weekend at the Museum of Contemporary Art, is shaping up to be a commercial disappointment.

My Favorite Sites

Favorite Websites of David Rozzelle, Chief Executive, Altrio Communications Inc.

Pollyannaish Amid Terror

Comment by Mark Lacter

Shippers, Union Set Strategies for Summer Port Strike

With both sides bracing for a threatened July 1 strike, maritime companies and the union representing port workers are developing strategies as they weigh the effects of a shutdown of West Coast ports.

Executive Summary / The Pacesetter

Summary of this week's List - Charitable Foundations/Trusts, L.A. County based; ranked by total assets in 2001

Fickle Market Lands High-Fliers Among Missing

Rich in L.A. - The Wealthiest Angelenos

Terror Warnings Highlight Limits of Readiness

Now that FBI Director Robert Mueller has raised the chilling possibility of suicide bombings in the United States, perhaps involving high-rises, building owners and security officials are scrambling to reexamine ways in which properties could be better pr

Who Wants to be A Pentamillionaire?

Now it's time to play the "what if " game as in, what if someone walked up to your front stoop tomorrow morning and unloaded $5 million in cash. No questions asked, no taxes to pay. What would you do with the loot?

Shift of KCOP News Slot Could Bring Cut Of Sex and Violence

Moving KCOP-TV (Channel 13) newscasts to the 11 p.m. time slot could bring a change to the station's format that has been heavy on crime and sex but long suffering in the ratings.

Tips on Wealth Management

Tips on Wealth Management

Conga Room Owner Sets Sights on Storied Hamburger Hamlet Chain

The real estate investor and restaurateur behind the popular Conga Room nightclub plans to buy the storied Hamburger Hamlet chain for $15 million.

L.A. Stories / The Roving Eye

Weekly Columns

Charities See Big Gains From Middle Class Prosperity

Rich in L.A. - The Commonplace Millionaires

Herbalife Management Tabs D'Arcy for Outside Help

Media by Claudia Peschiutta

Hazards Seen for Coastcast As Calloway Eyes Foundry

Corporate Focus by Anthony Palazzo

Peer-to-Peer Networks Moving From Music to Trading of Tires

Technology by Christopher Keough

Researcher Finding Not All Rich Have Wealthy Attitudes

Rich in L.A. - The Commonplace Millionaires

Monday, May 20

Internet Content Makes Long-Awaited Debut With Film's Release

He's bad, he's back and he's here to rescue us from The Man. He's "Undercover Brother," the first live-action feature film character to migrate to the big screen from the Web.

Telecom Middleman Taps Movie Archive

Technology by Christopher Keough

Patients Get Relief As Hospital Cuts ER Waiting Time

Health Care by Laurence Darmiento

Organizers Try to Boost Sagging Image of Ad Awards

Media by Claudia Peschiutta

COMMENT: Beware of Parachutes

Commentary by Mark Lacter

Deep State Cuts Compound County Health Problems

Already facing a $688 million deficit when a federal bailout runs out in four years, the county health department's financial outlook could hardly get much worse except it has.

Owner of 35 Lots Not Pleased With City Parking Fees

Retail by Deborah Belgum



Viacom May Be Required to Sell A Radio Station

Viacom Inc.'s purchase of KCAL-TV (Channel 9) may force its Infinity Broadcasting Corp. subsidiary to give up one of its seven valuable L.A. radio stations.

L.A. Stories / The Roving Eye

Weekly Columns

Prospect of Stadium Has Many Hopeful, Wary

Last week's proposal by Anschutz Entertainment Group for a $400 million-plus football stadium south of downtown raises some of the same questions from 1999, when several of these same businessmen were unable to bring an expansion team to Los Angeles. This

Intel Investment Backs HDTV Research at Viewsonic

ViewSonic Corp. is counting on a high-profile partner and a low-cost computer part to better its prospects. The Walnut-based company has big plans for a second investment from Intel Capital, chipmaker Intel Corp.'s venture capital arm.

United Online Rewarded as Market Favors Pay Service

Corporate Focus by Anthony Palazzo

People Interview: Courting Success

Incoming UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero returns to his alma mater intent on maintaining its level of excellence while defending its graduation rate.

Review & Preview

Weekly Columns: Review of recent stories; Preview of upcoming events.

Area Given Boost as Interest In Arts Community Revived

The burgeoning arts community in Highland Park, nestled along the banks of the Arroyo Seco northeast of downtown, has a familiar feel to it.

Northrop, Raytheon Team Up for Airport Security Bid

Northrop Grumman Corp. and Raytheon Co. are the front-runners among four groups pursuing a $3 billion contract to install explosion detection devices in the nation's 429 commercial airports.

Communication the Key to Assuring Prompt Payments

Entrepreneur's Notebook by Carol S. Frischer

Couple Puts Their Own Imprint on Small Firm

WEEKLY BRIEFING by David Greenberg

Turbulent Times for High-Flier

David Price isn't one to flinch under pressure. Trained as a Navy fighter pilot, he became a flight instructor during the Korean War. As an entrepreneur in the early 1960s, he revolutionized the business of managing golf courses.

Wide-Open Chinese Market Lures Fledgling Media Firm

Alie Chang looks at Martha Stewart and sees green. Not the envious kind the money kind. Emulating the doyenne of American lifestyle media, Chang is cracking open the door to a Chinese market that will see 57 billion square feet of residential construc

Rebound in L.A. Venture Scene Has a Telecom Twist

Don't give up on telecom. That appears to be the message from those investing in Los Angeles County companies through the first quarter of the year. Better than 50 percent of the venture capital invested in the first three months was in telecommunications

Fox Suing Executive For Jumping Ship on Eve of Sweeps Period

Five months into his job as general sales manager of Fox's two Los Angeles television stations, Robert McCauley has quit to head L.A.-based Adlink Cable Advertising LLC, prompting Fox to sue for breach of contract.

My Favorite Sites

Favorite websites of R.D. Lottie Jr., president and chief executive, Pacific Coast Regional Corp.

Water Woes Spur Fresh Look at Desalination

The ocean long has been a source of frustration for Southern California. There's so much water so close, yet getting the salt out of it has been too expensive to ever be practical.

Keck's First Class Graduates, Response to Program Strong

Jeffrey Graybill plans to start work later this month at a local biotech startup called Ionian Technologies after having completed his master's at the Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences.

Rand Corp. Expected to Stay at Its Home by the Sea

Rand Corp., which has been on a two-year search for a new corporate headquarters, will build its new home on land adjacent to its Santa Monica facility, according to a source close to the process.

Executive Summary / The Pacesetter

Summaries of this week's List: Business Improvement Districts, Ranked by 2001 budget

ICN Launches Site to Battle Dissident Group

ICN Launches Site to Battle Dissident Group

Valley Secession Likely to Spark Legal Squabbles

The veiled threat made by L.A. Mayor James Hahn last week to file suit if the Local Agency Formation Commission votes this week to place secession on the ballot is only the beginning. There's a host of contentious issues that could end up in the courts, b

East Meets West, Again; Enticed by Great Deals, Japanese Return to L.A.

They've been seen crowding around artwork at the Getty Center. They've been spotted on Rodeo Drive and at the Duty Free Shop at Hollywood & Highland. They're the elusive Japanese tourist who all but disappeared from Los Angeles after the Sept. 11 terroris

Redistricting Battle Heats Up as Perry, Pacheco Vie Downtown

POLITICS by Howard Fine

Molina Out, Latino Advocacy Group Looks East for New Leader

LAW by Amanda Bronstad

LABJ Forum: NFL's Return v The Saga Continues

Last week plans were revealed for a new 64,000 square foot stadium near the Staples Center downtown a sign that professional football might soon return to Los Angeles. So the Business Journal asks: What is your reaction to the latest plans for bringing

Port Officials Say Funding Level Is Inadequate to Ensure Security

More than eight months after the Sept. 11 attacks, a federal program designed to beef up security at the nation's ports is way under-funded, port and industry officials claim.

Dodging Delays, Businesses Embrace Jet Time Shares

For David Bienstock, hopping on a plane to Dallas on short notice is as easy as it used to be before Sept. 11. "I can fly in and out of a city and be back in the office in one day," said Bienstock, president of Encino-based Target Enterprises Ltd., which

Assembly Bill Would Tie Minimum Wage To Level of Inflation

Assembly Bill Would Tie Minimum Wage To Level of Inflation

Small Business Profile: Metal Workers

Riding the popularity of platinum, jewelry maker finds a perfect fit as it manufactures its own brand for celebrities and the average person alike.

East Coast Real Estate Firm Finds Value in Pasadena

Real Estate by Danny King

Monday, May 13

COMMENTARY: Pacheco's Redistricting Move Undermining Spirit of Process

By July 1st, the Los Angeles City Council must approve a redistricting plan for itself; council members will vote on new boundaries for the city's 15 council districts.

City Making Improvements at Most Congested Intersections

Traffic improvements don't always happen through massive projects like the $68.5 million 2.5-year effort to transform the Santa Monica Boulevard corridor. They can be as simple as adding a left-turn arrow at a busy intersection.

Cheesecake Founder Sells as Stock Hits High

David Overton, the 55-year-old co-founder of Cheesecake Factory Inc., has sold 1 million shares of the Calabasas-based company's common stock for $38.15 million.

Geffen Gift to UCLA Raising Estate Issues

Maybe it's mortality. For David Geffen, 59 years old and worth upwards of $3 billion, a $200 million donation to the UCLA School of Medicine might just be a way to start planning how his vast estate will be divvied up.

People Interview: Critical Care

A $200 million gift has boosted the endowment at UCLA School of Medicine Provost and Dean Gerald S. Levey now focuses on reimbursements and training

Riordan Gets Involved in Plans For Charter School at Skid Row

POLITICS by Howard Fine

Marketing Plan's Results Outweigh Development Costs

Entrepreneur's Notebook by Sharon Berman


Community Bank Head Expands Services

Shippers, Port Workers Far Apart as Labor Talks Loom

Workers and ship companies at Los Angeles, Long Beach and other West Coast ports will finally begin this week what promises to be raucous negotiations on a new three-year contract.

Valley Sale Marks Highest Per-Foot Price in Three Years

Real Estate by Danny King

Shareholder Lawsuit Latest Problem to Hit Troubled Laboratory

Troubled Specialty Laboratories Inc. was hit with a shareholder lawsuit last week in federal court, accusing the Santa Monica company of failing to follow costly lab requirements in order to inflate revenue and earnings.

Post 9-11 Circulation Growth Doesn't Last for L.A. Papers

Whatever circulation gains the Sept. 11 attacks and subsequent war on terrorism generated for local newspapers were short-lived and too small to reverse the continuing decline in readership suffered by most L.A. dailies.

Jefferies, Quarterdeck Take Advantage of Defense Rise

Wall Street West: Jefferies Group Inc., already having a solid year on Wall Street, recently announced a joint venture with Westside finance boutique Quarterdeck Investment Partners LLC, which is known for its expertise in aerospace.

Efficient Ryland Builds on Popularity of Home Sector

Corporate Focus by Anthony Palazzo

Weakness in Market Prompting Vitesse to Delay New Product

Semiconductor maker Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. will delay release of its 10 gigabit-per-second network processor because the market is too weak for the device.

L.A. Stories / The Roving Eye

LABJ Weekly Columns

Downey Luring Movie Makers To Former NASA Factory Site

Better known for Big Macs than blockbusters, the City of Downey is in the midst of a major push to attract filmmakers to a handful of cavernous buildings on a 160-acre former NASA plant a few blocks from the 105 Freeway.

KCET Plans to Air Additional Episodes of Latino Series

Media by Claudia Peschiutta

LABJ Forum: Taking Stock of the Market

Wall Street surged briefly last week on upbeat earnings news after moving downward for two months, leaving some investors wondering whether the market has bottomed out. So the Business Journal asks:

Track Races to Boost Bets Through Technology

Los Alamitos Race Course is gambling on a dialing-for-dollars strategy. The 51-year-old quarter-horse racetrack now gets 5 percent of its bets from phone- and Internet-based systems, which Gov. Gray Davis approved for California in January.

Executive Summary / The Pacesetter

Summary of this week's List: Hotels, ranked by the number of guest rooms

More Roadblocks for Teamsters in Drive to Unionize Port Drivers

Only 65 people turned up at a recent union rally held by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters at the Port of Long Beach.

Travel Agents Charge Collusion By Airline-Owned Ticket Seller

Like those cheap online airfares? Travel agents don't.

Growth at Ticketmaster Comes From Personals As Ticket Sales Flatten

Struggling to reach profitability, the L.A.-based event-ticketing company recently closed on the purchase of its second online dating business, gaining a foothold in a market that has shown growing promise.

First Amendment? What About Simple Respect?

Commentary by LEONARD PITTS

Promoters of Video-on-Demand Ally to Urge Quicker Adoption

Technology by Christopher Keough

Industry Gives Way to Retail At Heart of City's Economy

Spotlight on Pico Rivera

L.A. Keeps E3 Show From Vegas Move by Matching Incentives

After threatening to take its show to Las Vegas, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, is staying at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

COMMENT: Lost Lessons Of Childhood

Commentary by Mark Lacter, editor of the Business Journal

Development OK Spurring New Projects

Despite last week's designation by the L.A. City Council of a 879-acre downtown redevelopment zone with the potential for as much as $2.4 billion in government investment and subsidies the first steps in the process will be small.

Move-In Condition

A blank canvas, the theory goes, is harder to appreciate than a fully realized painting. And because prospective homebuyers are often too distracted to focus on the potential of a vacant house, a cottage industry has sprung up to supply imagination for t

Lost Conventions Trigger Downtown Hotelier Imbroglio

Already facing stiff competition for the convention dollar, L.A. recently lost two major conferences because the 1,354-room Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Spa turned down the business, leading to sniping by other downtown hotel managers.

My Favorite Sites

Favorite websites - Sanford Weissbuch, President, inc.

Review & Preview

Summary of week's other top news and preview of upcoming events.

New Shakeup at KCBS as Viacom Seeks Integration

Vice President and General Manager David Woodcock's resignation last week after less than nine months on the job brings another change in management at a station that's had seven general managers over the last 12 years.

Northrop's Bid to Buy TRW Buoyed by Share Price

A rising stock price is giving Northrop Grumman Corp. a big assist in its months-long attempt to wrestle an agreement to buy rival TRW Inc.


Enterpreneur George Johnson and his Cosmi Corp. find a niche in making and marketing budget software for users who don't need anything fancy.

Actors' Union Fending Off Discrimination Lawsuits

The Screen Actors Guild, facing two wrongful termination and racial discrimination cases after settling three others in recent months, is vowing to fight allegations that it says are baseless.

Special Treatment for Top Executives

Alan Kaye just received the kind of physical most patients only dream about. After submitting an eight-page medical history, the Mattel Inc. executive was treated to a leisurely discussion of his medical background with a UCLA internist.

Westside's Heartbreak Boulevard

After decades of debate and delay, West L.A. businesses and residents are now bracing for a massive two-and-a-half-year reconstruction of Santa Monica Boulevard through Westwood and Century City.

Monday, May 6

LABJ Forum: Catching Laker Fever

It's that time of year again when the Lakers do battle in the NBA playoffs and L.A. fans come out in force. This year, the team is looking to capture its third consecutive championship title. If the Lakers win the finals, it will be the second time in the

"Terminator" Finds Home in L.A.

After a hiatus of more than a decade, the fabulously lucrative "Terminator" franchise, the first two installments of which generated more than $550 million at the box office, is back in production.

Physician's Group Helps Defeat Bill On State Training

Health Care by Laurence Darmiento

L.A. Stories / The Roving Eye

Are L.A. media executives really worth less?

Payday Finally Arrives for Firm Involved in Refinery Litigation

LAW by Amanda Bronstad


Operator of private physical therapy network pioneers way of capturing a piece of managed care system by providing flexible treatment options

Comment: Boards Must Face Rising Ire of Investor Class

Commentary: Shame may be the way to restore corporate responsibility

Government Won't Join Patent Lawsuit Against Caltech

Caltech's effort to retain rights to a lucrative patent received a boost when the federal government opted not to join in the nasty legal dispute over its origins.

Candle Corp. Deal Clears Way for Big Northrop Lease

Real Estate by Danny King

Downtown Gets New Life in Plans for Mall, Luxury Lofts


Securities Veteran Turning Into Accounting Watchdog

Wall Street West by Benjamin Mark Cole

The Enduring Reality Craze

Comment by Mark Lacter

Budget Crunch Leaves Davis Vulnerable in Election Year

Politics by Howard Fine

Big Store Interest in Wilshire Worries Santa Monica Shops

Montana Avenue has its boutiques, Santa Monica Boulevard its car dealerships. Third Street Promenade has its theaters and shops. But Wilshire Boulevard is a hodgepodge of uses without its own identity

KTLA, Times Employees Acting More Like a Family

Media by Claudia Peschiutta

Taxes Lost, Workers Abused in "Informal Economy"

A large "informal economy" of unreported workers being paid low wages under the table exists in Los Angeles County, leading to a loss of tax revenue, unfair business competition and abuse of workers, a new study has found.

New Heights for Region's Aircraft Maintenance Business

L.A. may have lost its once-mighty role in the aerospace industry, but it has become a multi-billion-dollar center of aircraft maintenance and upgrade work that's steadily growing each year.

No Sale in Sight for State's Long-Delayed Bond Package

A full 14 months since it was first promised, the state has yet to sell its multibillion-dollar bond package to reimburse the budget for power purchases made at the height of last year's energy crisis. And it looks like it will be several more months at l

Kodak Theatre Finding Success as a Budding TV Star

Boosted by its good reviews from the Academy Awards broadcast, the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland is settling in largely as a broadcast venue rather than a conventional theater.

If You Want to Become a Director, It Helps to Know Somebody

SPECIAL REPORT - Banking & Finance: Boards Under Fire What Do They Know?

People Interview: Mopping Up

After reviving music careers, Marty Pichinson turned to businesses helping ease the pain for failing dot-coms and offering survival tips to those still going

Ratings, Demographics Respond to KHHT Shift

The music is a mix of soulful ballads and upbeat dance tunes. Think early Janet Jackson and Boyz II Men, perhaps with a little Marvin Gaye thrown in. Think also younger performers like Ashanti and pop sensation Alicia Keys.

Directors' Personal Finances Shielded by Insurance Plans

SPECIAL REPORT - Banking & Finance: Boards Under Fire What Do They Know?

Late Accounting Move Rocks Tech Firm, Stock Falls

SeeBeyond Technology Corp. became mindful of the groundswell for increased scrutiny of corporate accounting three weeks too late.

Resin Firm Deals With Chapter 11, Criminal Probe

Keysor-Century Corp., a troubled Saugus resin manufacturer, is facing shutdown later this month unless it complies with a federal order that it cease emitting a cancer causing gas the government claims exceeds safe levels.

My Favorite Sites

Favorite websites of Chaz Austin, instructor, UCLA extension

Mexican Mainstay Hits Airwaves for Sweeps

Brace yourselves: The Spanish-language soap opera "El Privilegio De Amar" (the right to love) that has been wowing Mexican viewers is about to hit L.A. airwaves during May sweeps, no less.

Companies, Directors Facing Crisis in the Boardroom

SPECIAL REPORT - Banking & Finance: Boards Under Fire What Do They Know?

Investors Gird for Second Attempt to Split Drug Maker

Costa Mesa-based drug maker ICN Pharmaceuticals Inc. and its colorful, combative Milan Panic are gearing up for a second battle in as many years with shareholders at odds with the company's direction and reorganization plan.

Retail Centers Proliferate in Santa Clarita Neighborhoods

A few years ago, you couldn't give away land for retail development north of Valencia. Today, at least 10 retail centers are in development in the Santa Clarita Valley, stretching farther from the Valencia commercial hub that is the traditional center of

Downtown Hotel Woes Continue as Conventions Lag

Retail by Deborah Belgum

Overture's Dominance of Industry Faces Big Threats

America Online's decision to drop Overture Services Inc. in favor of as its provider of sponsored search results may not destroy the Pasadena-based search service, but it does signal the lightning-fast evolution of a market that Overture built.

Church Missing Chance for Real Self Examination

Commentary by Leonard Pitts, columnist with the Miami Herald.

Accountability Comes With the Job for Board Veteran

SPECIAL REPORT - Banking & Finance: Boards Under Fire What Do They Know?


Pushing MGM's Vast Library Overseas

Software Firm's Chief is Out As Vidius Narrows Its Focus

Technology by Christopher Keough

Buy-Sell Agreements Offer Hedge Against Unforeseen

Entrepreneur's Notebook by Jeffrey D. Lewis

Review & Preview

Weekly review of news, and preview of upcoming stories

Pasadena Workers' Comp Insurer Seized Over Fund Shortage

In another sign of the state's troubled workers' compensation system, failing Pasadena insurer Paula Insurance Co. has been placed under the control of a conservator.

Econowatch L.A. County

General Indicators and Financials

The Capitol in Crisis

Estimated $22 Billion Shortfall Among Worst in State History

Appellate Ruling Is Seen as Deathknell For Overtime Suits

An appellate ruling narrowly limiting the extent to which wage-hour lawsuits can be certified as class actions may stem filings that have cost California businesses hundreds of millions of dollars in the last two years.

Board Members of L.A.'s Top Companies Get Around

SPECIAL REPORT - Banking & Finance: Boards Under Fire What Do They Know?

L.A. Corporate Boardrooms Remain a White Bastion

SPECIAL REPORT - Banking & Finance: Boards Under Fire What Do They Know?

Executive Summary / The Pacesetter

Summaries of this week's List - MBA Programs

Board Veteran Sees Closer Corporate Scrutiny as Healthy

SPECIAL REPORT - Banking & Finance: Boards Under Fire What Do They Know?

Baseball Must Pass Some Time Thinking of Fans

Commentary by By DAVID CARTER, University of Southern California Graduate School of Business