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John S. Schuster, Partner
Howrey Simon Arnold & White LLP.

This site is maintained by History and Politics Out Loud. What they have is a searchable archive of historically significant audio materials. U.S. Supreme Court arguments are on there. They have selected material from the Nixon-Watergate recordings, speeches by Dr. Martin Luther King, fireside chats from the Franklin Roosevelt era. It's really kinda cool.

The court system here in California maintains an excellent Web site through which you can link to specific courts within the state. For instance, you can click on the link to the L.A. Superior Court and through that get a civil docket (court calendar), which allows you to see the status of a particular case. For lawyers, in particular, this is useful because you can get the tentative ruling, which helps you prepare for your oral argument. They also have a link to the court of appeals, and there again you can follow cases through the appeals process.

This site has breaking news and press releases, but it also has industry specific news. Entertainment, high tech and banking, for instance. What I find more interesting, though, are the news archives for specific companies. If I have lawsuit pending against a specific company, for instance, I go to the site and read about the company, its executives, etc. It's a real easy way to get current information quickly.

Conor Dougherty

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