My Favorite Sites

Denny Lanfear, Chief Executive, Toxweb

This is a site where people into home theater go to buy and sell equipment. Sites like this have revolutionized the retailing model for this business. Before you could purchase online, you had to go to showrooms, and because the items were so expensive they could only carry two or three brands.

Because it is based in the UK, this site provides a much more neutral view of the news. It seems dispassionate and more objective compared to many U.S. papers, including The New York Times. Everyone has gone global, and it is very advantageous to keep up on world news from a source outside the United States.

This site was set up specifically for people who own a Ferrari and bought it directly from the company. You can get sneak previews of new models. It is really for Ferrari geeks who want to buy ties, hats and jackets with the Ferrari logo. I'm on my third Ferrari; the cars have really become my passion.

Martin produces whole series of limited edition guitars, which you can browse through on the site. I own one they only made 200 of. I am evolving into a guitar collector and have them in every room of the house. Unfortunately, they are so expensive that I am afraid to ever play them.

Dana Brody

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