My Favorite Sites

Paul Nadel, managing partner, Eastwest Venturegroup

Private Equity is effectively a private finance tool. It's not just for venture capitalists, but also a good personal finance tool as well. It lets you look at trends, where investors are putting their money. You can see where the money is going, and that's good for me as an investor. You can search by groups, an industry segment or a venture fund, for instance. So I could look at biotech and I would say if there's a lot of money going into the segment then there's going to be a lot of change on the horizon.

This sounds like the first one but it has got a different flair. What's interesting about this site, to me at least, is it's based in London. So instead of only looking at U.S. trends they focus a lot on international investments and investors. They look at international finance and included in that, of course, is the U.S. So they cover the U.S. transactions from a European perspective, which is interesting to me.

When I get on this site I immediately go to a column called "The Life of Reilly," which is a column by Rick Reilly. He has an incredible perspective on sports and life. This guy takes world events and puts them in terms of sports. He's like a poet of our times, but he just happens to write for a sports magazine.

Conor Dougherty

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