It's official, we've taken the war to them. While the United States was at war in the Middle East no less than a decade ago, most Americans feel it's different this time. The war started here, at home, and the enemy has sworn to continue strikes on American soil. It's a difficult time and the outcome is uncertain, so the Business Journal asks:

Are you afraid? Brian Vidor Owner Typhoon Restaurant

A little bit, sure. I'm not moving out of the city. I try not to think about it, really. I certainly hope it doesn't happen in any city, let alone Los Angeles. I don't think we should worry about airplanes anymore. We went through this in 1991, it was different sure, but it was a war. And we survived. Here in L.A. we've had the earthquake, riots, the recession. We'll be OK.

Stacy Phillips Founding Partner Phillips, Lerner & Lauzon

Sure, you'd have to be stupid or out of it not to be scared. Life as we know it has changed. Change is difficult to deal with. Until we feel like we are as much in control as we can be, things will remain frightening. And my generation, we didn't experience Pearl Harbor. And for any generation, we've not experienced the mainland U.S. being attacked. Given this isn't conventional warfare, who knows what the future will bring?

William Thein Vice President Progressive Jewish Alliance

As a parent, I'm absolutely concerned. Day-to-day, though, I'm no more afraid now than I am when I drive through the intersection of PCH and Sunset, or the idea of having my kids in public school. But I would be afraid if, as Angelenos or as Americans, we turned our backs on our democratic pluralism. If we unjustly curtail civil liberties or if we act divisively internally, we'd be giving the attackers exactly what they want. My personal take is that we cannot retract from community or civic life or business activity, including flying on airplanes around the country. It's an affirmative choice to actively live life despite obvious concerns.

Arnie Berghoff President Arnie Berghoff and Associates

No. I'm not afraid. I think I'm certainly more aware of what's going on, and I want my family and the folks in my office to be also. But I don't think I'm afraid. I think we just need to exercise caution and go on with life.

Rick Porter Director of Sales Blair Graphics

No. These individuals need to be taken care of and I hope the government is doing all that they can to get it done completely. Because we've worked really hard to achieve our standard of life, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get back. Would I go out and get on an airplane? Yes I would. Would I put my family on an airplane? Yes I would. And would I attack someone who tried to take over an airplane, yes I would. And I'm just a normal guy. That's what it's gonna take, every American standing their ground and taking responsibility in getting back to the business of business.

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