What started out as the kind of hobby that could get him arrested has turned into a successful business for the graffiti artist and muralist known as Man One.

The Alhambra-based artist has garnered commissions from a number of corporate clients, ranging from small businesses to international companies, that are looking for distinctive artwork for their offices.

Since starting Man One Art, the 30-year-old artist has left his colorful imprint on everything from the Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta to the offices of The Promotional Edge, an entertainment promotions firm in Beverly Hills.

This month, Man One brightened up the offices of Edge Industrial Design in Westlake Village with a mural featuring the company's logo. The company paid $3,000 for the mural, which measures 22 feet by 15 feet.

"I used to tell people, 'You know, I'm going to make a living at this. I'm going to do graffiti and get paid for it.' And people didn't believe me," he said.

Man One's love for the urban art form was born during his high school years, when he learned about the graffiti scene in New York.

"I thought, 'This is something that I've got to get into," Man One said. "Since Day 1, I've been wanting to get my skills up to par."

Despite his determination, Man One is sometimes surprised by the acceptance his art has received.

"I never thought in a million years people like that, corporate companies, would be into it," he said.

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