Lee Masters President & CEO Liberty Digital Inc. Artnet.com

Artnet is basically a site about collecting art. You can look up information on artists, galleries, exhibitions, auctions, etc. And they also have a search engine, so you can do research. There is also news and reviews.

I like to look up artists that I'm either collecting or that I want to collect. For instance, there's an artist I like named Joan Nelson, and I bought two of her paintings at auction. Before buying them, I went to Artnet and looked at the pricing history of her previous paintings. Then I knew what the range should be, and obviously the catalogs of auction houses tell you what range they think it will sell in. I was able to compare the history of what her paintings have sold for against what the catalogs say. What I want to know is whether an artist's prices are going up, down or staying the same. You can't see that in a catalog. At any given time the market is always changing, but Artnet gives you some perspective of what's going on.

I'll also read reviews on exhibitions, but I primarily use this site for its database and auction history.


My wife and I both love to read, so I go to this site primarily for the book reviews. I buy books from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but I like the reviews by Barnes & Noble much more.


I ran E! for nine years, and I think the Eonline site is terrific. I particularly like Ted Casablanca's gossip column, "The Awful Truth." It's so outrageous, he's got great gossip, and it's just a lot of fun.


I'm a big fan of the Bushism of the day. That's probably my favorite thing (on the site), and then I usually scan the table of contents just to see what's in there. I also enjoy their commentary. It's thoughtful and interesting and provocative. They also have a piece called "in other magazines," which I find very interesting. It's kind of a digest of what's out there.


I think this is a riot. In fact, I ordered the hard copy because sometimes I forget to check (the site) and I don't want to miss anything. It's very sophomoric humor, which I love. Nothing is sacred. Their sex advice column is completely over the top, as is their horoscope column. It just always makes me laugh.

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