Leonard armato, Chief Executive, Management Plus/Digital Media Campus Flycode.com

This is a file-sharing site, particularly for video. I think it's interesting to follow the evolution of sites like Napster, Scour and now Flycode. I enjoy keeping tabs on the Internet sites that allow people to exchange files via a peer-to-peer connection, whether it's audio or video. It's interesting to see how the Net is used to exchange entertainment content.


This allows you to customize what you're listening to and just sort of listen while you work, if that's what you choose to do.


Sometimes I like to dream about traveling, because I rarely get to do it except for business. Traveling to exotic places or going to Italy. It's always nice to get on the Internet and go on a virtual vacation, sort of a way for me to dream about the places I want to go but don't have a chance. This site allows me to fantasize about some of the most exotic vacations out there. If I can't go, I might as well dream. Every now and then I like to dream while I'm sitting at my desk working.


This keeps me abreast of everything in sports, up to the minute, in real time, from A to Z.


This is a site which is exploring the way interactive content will be produced and distributed in the future and is focused in particular on Pamela Anderson, and on the content that people like her will be producing in the interactive world. If you go to PamTV, you can download what they call port-a-Pam, which is an animated, almost Tamagachi Pam that can live on your handheld computer, for instance a Palm Pilot. But this is just one example of how interactive content with a celebrity brand will be produced in the future.


This is sort of like Flycode. I think that the Internet will be a very powerful force for entertainment in the future. I like to be aware of what's out there from a consumer perspective, as well as just to be aware of new technologies as they relate to the production and distribution of content.

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