Growth in restaurant sales has slowed in recent months, indicating some consumers are watching their wallets in anticipation of tough times. In response, restaurants in several cities have begun dropping prices in an effort to get consumers out and about again. Here in Los Angeles, many residents eat out as a matter of course, so the Business Journal asks:

Have you been eating out less? Chris Archer
Executive Producer
Activision Inc.

My wife and I haven't been going out to as many different places as we normally would, primarily because of the closures of many of the restaurants we like. But we still have our favorite staples that we like a lot, so we probably go out just as often, we just have a smaller selection than we had before. Both my wife and I spend a lot of time at work, so when we do spend time together we don't want to slave over the stove.

Amy Glass
Glass Staff

No. Actually, my sister and I have been eating out more and eating with clients, doing lunch meetings and dinner meetings. We haven't seen the downturn in the economy. In fact, we think it's on an upswing. We've had a lot of business lately, and continuing to grow, and you know how it is with new clients, "let's do lunch."

Jon Kabbash
Maximum Limo Service

No. With the hours I keep, I get up early, go to the office and then duck out for lunch when I'm hungry. But I have tried to curtail the amount I spend on food. For a while there I was eating sushi two times a day, eating at any restaurant I wanted to spending a lot of money. Now I'm trying to eat at places like Subway to cut down on spending. But in terms of eating out less? No way, I never eat at home.

Azita Nahai

Ozzie and Moosy

We definitely have. I think that's just because of the L.A. economy. My group of friends, we're finding more enjoyment in eating at home, especially in the summer months when there's more opportunities to barbecue. I also think there are less intimate and inviting restaurants than there were in the past. We've actually been really fortunate from the economic standpoint. But we're definitely more cautious. I'd love to say we're secure, but every month is different, so you never know.

Mike Young
Mike Young Productions

No. Unfortunately we've probably been eating out more. Most people would probably be happier about eating out more, but as a Welshman I miss having home cooked meals. Eating out is generally about business, and I enjoy being with my family. Basically, we get tons and tons of visitors and you feel obliged to entertain them. We've got a favorite restaurant nearby and we go there quite bit.

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