John Cacavas is the numbers man. Recently promoted to vice president, worldwide distribution analysis at Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group, Cacavas is responsible for analyzing the worldwide motion picture industry and in particular how the company's different film genres perform during key holiday and vacation times.

"History is everything," said Cacavas, who is based in Culver City. "I spend a lot of time looking at holidays and providing information on how they will play."

When analyzing theatrical releases Cacavas said the two most important things to consider are, not surprisingly, size and competition. In analyzing weekend box office figures, Cacavas starts by looking at previous releases on a particular weekend. Studio higher ups take this data and other reports from Cacavas' office into consideration when making a final release decision.

Competition doesn't just come from the other studios in town. Besides the release dates slated for competing films, Cacavas considers everything from weather to school calendars. In addition to collecting data, Cacavas said he has to be on the lookout for changes in how people spend their leisure time.

"Summer seems to begin in the first week of May and end in the middle of August, whereas there was a time when summer began around Memorial Day," he said. "These dynamics change, and the weekend (numbers) with them." As an example, Cacavas cited the importance of summer data when considering the release date of a film geared towards children.

In addition to his analysis duties, Cacavas will be in charge of developing systems to monitor the global film distribution business.

Conor Dougherty

Accounting & Consulting

Herminey Pakhanians and Steven Singer have been admitted to the partnership in the Century City office of Ernst & Young. Pakhanians provides audit services to real estate companies, including real estate investment trusts, property owners, developers and property management companies. Singer is responsible for leading the internal audit team for the Walt Disney account.

Advertising & Public Relations

Brian Keenan has been appointed design director at Baker Designed Communications, a branding and marketing communications firm in Santa Monica. He will be responsible for spearheading all creative efforts at the firm. Most recently, Keenan was a senior designer at the firm.

Joshua Shea has been added as an account executive at Media Distribution Services, a public relations printing, mailing, fax and e-mail service in Los Angeles. He will be responsible for counseling clients and distributing press and marketing materials for roughly 60 active accounts. Previously, Shea coordinated press and consumer mailings at Disney Art Classics.

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