Barneys New York in Beverly Hills, a fashion mecca for young hip L.A. fashionistas, is already displaying the newest trend for winter: the sleeveless look.

"Every designer has a version of sleeveless items in their line this year," says Barneys sales consultant Ajit Benepai.

The sleeveless look used to be largely confined to summer, but now even in the doldrums of winter everyone can show off their buffed arms in one fashion or another.

Barneys is featuring bulky cowl-necked sweaters scattered with crystals in creamy beige by designer Michael Kors. Donna Karan has glittery stretch sleeveless turtleneck halters and tank tops. You'll be seeing red this winter in almost every designer line, like Kors' lipstick-red leather sleeveless dress with jacket.

Georgio Armani's textured leather sleeveless vest worn with stretch pants and the new pointy boot is another big look this year. But bigger than ever is fur, and Dolce & Gabanna's fur-collared jackets and sweaters are also available in a sleeveless look.

Winters can get a bit chilly, even in L.A., so super-hip designers Costume National and Ann Demeulemeester have created slim, long evening coats with sleeveless tops beneath. The idea is to let women make their entrance in a coat, then surprise everyone with the sleeveless look.

Ralph Lauren is in on the act as well, with longish moss-green or pale lavender sleeveless sweaters. Barney's is also showcasing Emilio Pucci's classic signature prints in sleeveless tops and dresses in hot pink, black and gray.

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