A congressional study released last week showed that L.A.'s air contains dangerous levels of toxic chemicals. The risk of contracting cancer from breathing L.A. air is 426 times higher than health standards established by the federal Clean Air Act. So the Business Journal asks:

Do the high level of pollutants in L.A.'s air make you nervous about living here?

Patricia McCann[picnm2/15]

Vice President and Account Supervisor

BGM Health Communications

I'm a native of Southern California, so it doesn't really make me nervous, because it's always been a part of my life. Sure, as an overall environmental issue, it concerns me, but not on a day-to-day basis. By the way, I highly support carpools, and I'm a carpooler myself.

Jay German[picnm2-15]

Associate Vice President

Independent Colleges of Southern California

Not at all. I think that auto manufacturers and regulatory agencies have done an extraordinary job cleaning the air in the South Coast basin. I just hope that diesel engines can come under scrutiny soon because you see them on the freeway spewing all this bad stuff.

Harriet B. Alexson

Real Estate Partner

Loeb & Loeb LLP

Yes, to some degree. However, I believe we should begin to work together to develop ways to reduce levels and create a safer environment for Angelenos. Perhaps we could use a task force to refocus our efforts on clean air to create a more healthful environment, without so much regulatory emphasis.

Gary Weiss

Senior Managing Director

Julien J. Studley Inc.

My initial response is, absolutely not. I'd have to ask, if I lived somewhere else, how much would it add to my life? If it was two years, I'd have to say, I'd rather live two years less in Los Angeles than two years more in, say, New York.

Troy Mikell


Mikell & Co. Advertising

Yes it does make me nervous, because I think that generally most people don't address problems until it's too late, and nothing can be done. There needs to be a greater awareness. People need to be individually responsible and not depend on city government for providing all the solutions all the time.

Mike Roggero

Executive Vice President of Business Development and Planning

Yipinet LLC

No, because Los Angeles has so many other benefits and is, overall, a well-rounded city to live in. The pollution doesn't detract from all the other benefits associated with living in L.A.

Perrin Peacock

Division Director

RHI Management Resources

Pollution is definitely a concern for me. Does it concern me so much that it would make me consider moving? No, because the business opportunities outweigh the health concerns. But I would want to get more information on the actual health risks, and if I had a family, I'd have to consider moving if the health risks were great enough.

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