Charter Compromise

After a week of compromise over charter reform, the appointed commission referred a new proposal by its elected counterpart to a joint panel for possible reconciliation.

The move came after Mayor Richard Riordan signaled that he was willing to allow a measure giving the mayor power to fire department heads to be removed from the charter proposal and placed on the ballot as a separate initiative. Two days later, the elected commission reversed its previous rejection of a compromise proposal and approved a complicated package aimed at reaching consensus with the appointed panel.

The joint panel is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, Jan. 20.

"Rather than rejecting the unilateral amendments proposed by the elected commission, we want to see if we can discuss them in the conference committee along with a number of remaining issues of concern to both commissions," said George Kieffer, chair of the appointed commission.

Disney and Infoseek Go Online

Walt Disney Co. and Infoseek Corp. debuted their new Go Network Internet portal last week.

Burbank-based Disney said the network made its debut with 8 million registered users, representing the combined subscribers to the two companies' ESPN, Infoseek, Disney and ABC sites.

After the debut, Disney stock was upgraded by analysts at Goldman, Sachs & Co. and Salomon Smith Barney, a reflection of Wall Street's growing recognition of Disney's drive to become a force on the Internet.

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