George G. Strong

Managing partner

PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP

Specialty: Litigation consulting

When corporations go to court, they are usually arguing over one thing money.

That's where George Strong comes in.

The managing partner of financial analysis services group for the Western region of PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP, Strong often is used as an expert witness in complex legal cases in which one company is suing another over antitrust actions, copyrights, fraud or breach of contract.

He is currently representing Mercedes-Benz of North America in its antitrust action against National Claims Management Corp., and Fairchild Aerospace in its litigation against Arrow Electronics.

Not all of Strong's cases are quite so corporate.

In 1996, he represented actor Clint Eastwood in his suit against the National Enquirer, which published a bogus interview with the star. As part of that case, it was Strong's job to figure out how much money the newspaper made by running the story. A $150,000 award given to Eastwood was upheld in federal court in August.

Strong received a law degree from the University of San Diego Law School. He also has a degree in economics from Yale University and an MBA from Harvard University. His experience in litigation testimony dates to the late '70s, when he represented IBM at a time when it faced a string of antitrust suits.

Though his principal expertise is in accounting, his training as an attorney also helps when it comes to going to bat for a client in court. "My legal background is not that germane to what I do," said Strong. "But when they speak in Latin, it's nice to know what they are saying."

Jason Booth

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