Participate in Charter Reform

I just confirmed that the appointed Charter Reform Commission has distributed tens of thousands of questionnaires to the public, asking for its input before the commission concludes its discovery process and begins to write its final recommendations. To date, only 200 people have responded. I cannot overstate the importance of a meaningful response from the business community. A properly drafted new charter will have a substantial impact on the bottom line of all of our businesses.

I urge every person who reads this letter to call (213) 381-5700 and request a copy of the questionnaire entitled "write history, right future." It will take you a half hour at most to complete. Let your voice be heard. If possible, attend one of the two remaining open houses on Oct. 19 in Studio City and Oct. 28 in San Pedro.

Remember, you get out of life what you put into it. The same goes for your city government if you don't participate, you cannot complain later.



Los Angeles Business Council, Transportation & Planning Committee

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