HEADLINE: New Options in Business Travel

COPY: Thanks to the growth and success of the business aviation industry, there are now a number of aircraft options available to corporate travelers. Three options leaseback programs, aircraft management and charter allow you to enjoy the benefits of corporate aircraft while alleviating some of the budgetary and operational concerns.

Leaseback programs provide aircraft owners the opportunity to capitalize on their aircraft's downtime while defraying a portion of the operational expenses.

"Leaseback programs are ideal for companies and individuals who would like to generate additional revenue to help defray the fixed cost of owning the aircraft," said Mark Danin, Raytheon Aircraft Services' vice president of charter and flight operations.

Some leaseback programs also provide aircraft owners with other benefits that can include significant discounts on fuel, maintenance, hangar and hull and liability insurance.

Before being accepted into a leaseback program, an aircraft must undergo conformity inspections to determine compliance with all Federal Aviation Regulations for charter flights. In addition, flight crews must be trained in compliance with federal regulations. Some leaseback programs can arrange for initial or recurrent training and have check airmen available.

Once the aircraft and crew are in compliance, the charter organization takes care of scheduling, dispatch, billing and record-keeping for crew duty time, maintenance and training. The owner pays a nominal monthly fee to cover the costs of the FAA regulatory tracking requirements. Before a flight is scheduled, the owner is notified and has the option of accepting or refusing the charter.

"An aircraft's ultimate hourly utilization is completely determined by the owner. However, many will find that the more the aircraft flies, the more revenue it brings in," said Danin.

For companies and individuals that do not have an established flight department but want the benefits of full aircraft ownership, a turnkey aircraft management program may be the answer. An aircraft management program handles all the details that accompany aircraft ownership, including crews, scheduling, fueling, hangar, maintenance and insurance.

For non-aircraft owners, charter can be an efficient and affordable transportation option. For a fixed hourly fee, a company or individual may charter an aircraft appropriate to the mission, fly to a destination and back, and still enjoy the flexibility, security and convenience that business aircraft offer.

Charter can be a viable option for the occasional business aircraft user, or the individual who needs the convenience of a personal aircraft on a fairly regular basis. For companies that currently operate a business aircraft, charter can be an economical way to supplement their operations when it's necessary to stage concurrent trips.

"Our goal is to increase the number of available aircraft in our charter fleet by 50 percent by the end of the year, ultimately providing a wide variety of aircraft to suit any customer need," Danin explained. "By reducing the stress of traveling, we give our customers the flexibility to conduct business according to their schedules and lifestyles."

For more information on leaseback, aircraft management and charter, contact Raytheon Aircraft Services at 1-800-519-6283.

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