Ever hear of Pacific Park?

If you're like most Angelenos, you probably know it better as the Santa Monica Pier. But Mark Tischler is out to change all that.

Tischler is the new director of sales and marketing for Santa Monica Amusements LLC, the company that owns Pacific Park, a boardwalk-style amusement park complete with roller coaster and Ferris wheel that was developed in the middle of the well-known pier.

"The park is in its third year, but there hasn't been a whole lot of brand building," Tischler said. " 'Pacific Park' is a brand name. When you say the name Disney, a certain image comes to mind, and we want it to be the same with Pacific Park."

Tischler says he has plenty of ideas for enhancing the park's image as a family destination. "Developing a brand means first deciding what you want to be," he said. "We want to be a family entertainment park. How do we communicate that? In our advertising, our logo, the look of the park everything we do should enforce what we want to create."

Tischler is putting together special attractions, such as a Halloween "horror maze" for kids that will spill out onto the boardwalk. He says the company also plans to build an outdoor stage for concerts and other shows.

Tischler has a background in amusement parks, having formerly served as director of marketing and head of promotions for Universal Studios Hollywood. He also has been a marketing executive at such venues as the Houston Astrodome and the SkyDome in Toronto, and was once a marketing director with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Although Pacific Park is a smaller organization than his previous employers, Tischler says he's very happy with his new position. "At Universal, you have a sales department, marketing department, ad department here, I'm it," he said. "All of the pieces come together because I am dealing with all of them."

Karen Teitelman

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