A Good Decision for Westwood

The decision of the Planning Commission to unanimously support the Village Center Westwood project should be applauded by everyone who believes in the power of this project to revitalize Westwood and bring life back to Westwood Village.

We know Village Center Westwood must be a good project because so many people have given so much of their careful attention to it. During the public hearing before the Planning Commission, the commissioners patiently listened to all points of view and were very generous with their time so that all members of the public in attendance could voice their opinions. Councilman Michael Feuer has spent years working with the community and the developers of the Village Center Westwood project and, after revisions to the project were made, wholeheartedly supported Village Center Westwood. Mayor Richard Riordan supports the project for the revitalization it will bring to Westwood Village. The Los Angeles Business Council, located in Westwood, endorsed the project. Local newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, have given editorial endorsement to Village Center Westwood. Seventy-six Westwood Village merchants have stepped forward to support the project. Over 2,800 local residents have indicated their support for it.

We can feel comfortable, after all of this scrutiny and review, that this is a good project. Enough is enough! I can only hope that the opponents of this project will find some other cause celebre and let progress continue on the revitalization of Westwood. Let us hope it can finally go forward so that we can enjoy the outcome of so much time and consideration.



Greater Los Angeles Condominium Association

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