Kudos to Feuer

I am proud to have a city councilman who cares enough about this community and its future to go door-to-door, explaining facts about Village Center Westwood to his constituents. Few of our representatives today are so committed to the people they represent that they still visit them at their own homes.

Those of us who live in Westwood, as well as those who treasure what Westwood Village was like in its first 50 years, remember what a long process it was to bring the Village Center Westwood project to its current design. Councilman Feuer was not originally a fan of the project. He pushed so hard to evolve the Village Center Westwood project to match his vision for Westwood Village that the developers nearly threw in the proverbial towel. Because of Councilman Feuer, this project will be a center of arts and culture, will be the first to offer a community public library and will be, as the councilman and city require, "well parked."

As a Westwood resident actively involved in supporting the Village Center's development, it is very distressing to read the negative spin put on the project and the councilman by the few people who are opposed to the project. I have read some of the information the opponents distribute and hardly recognize the Village Center Westwood project in their twisted descriptions. Thank goodness the councilman is dedicated to informing his constituents personally.

To Councilman Feuer, I say keep up the good work.



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