Like a faded movie star, Hollywood is attempting to stage its own comeback, with more than 100 renovation projects completed or in the works. But will it succeed? The Business Journal forum asks:

Could you ever see yourself going to Hollywood to shop and eat on a regular basis?

Howard Pfeifer


Pfeifer Music Partners

If it was done up, yes absolutely. It most certainly is close enough. Other than driving past it, I haven't been on the boulevard for a long time. My perception is that it's run down. At this point it doesn't hold any interest for me. But if it were totally changed, it would be a good place to hang out. I don't think there's a glut of places like CityWalk and Third Street Promenade. There certainly could be another one.

Octavio Emilio Nuiry

On Marketing

You know, I wouldn't. I haven't been there for several years. The last time I was there was with my two young daughters and there were some scary-looking people there. I would never go there at night. I think the whole revitalization talk is a lot of hype. It's like the wild, wild West there. I would not go back period.

Coralie Langston-Jones

freelance publicist

Yes, if it were revitalized and developed to a level that I would feel comfortable with. It would have to be hip and offer me everything that I'm looking for during my shopping afternoon.

Armando Perez

clothing stylist

I never go there now. If they would change it like the Promenade in Santa Monica I would. They don't have anything now, all they have are those old buildings. I think if they fixed it up, I could see myself going there.

Shelly Rothschild


Whitman Breed Abbott & Morgan LLP

Yes, absolutely. I'm from New York. I've personally been in various cities in the country where you have a revitalization of an area, it can be extremely attractive. We always bring out-of-town guests to Hollywood because they want to see the Mann's Chinese and the stars along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Therefore, I can't see why it wouldn't be an attractive place to go if it is revitalized.

Franz Harary

professional magician

Odyssey In Illusion

To me, a drive down Hollywood Boulevard is like a Quentin Tarantino character study, live in 3-D. Even now I take the scenic route every chance I get.

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