: Location Is Key Factor for Burbank Businesses

By Steve Donley

One word perhaps best describes the state of business in Burbank today: Booming. Over the last several years, the city has experienced a significant amount of both commercial expansion and relocation activity. With approximately 34.7 million square feet of commercial and industrial space in 1990, Burbank has been adding one million square feet a year. What's more, city officials estimate that by 2010, Burbank will boast 54.6 million square feet of commercial and industrial space.

So what's the allure of this Southern California city? A big reason businesses are attracted to Burbank is its great location and cooperative city government. Among other things, its location offers a central geographic position, accessibility to transportation routes and facilities, and close proximity to the media industry.

Easy Access

Located at the east end of the San Fernando Valley, Burbank is easily accessible to other parts of Los Angeles County. Within a 10-mile radius of Burbank are downtown Los Angeles, Glendale, Pasadena, Van Nuys, Beverly Hills, and San Fernando. Getting to places outside the county is easy as well, thanks to the city's proximity to multiple transportation routes and facilities. Three freeways--SR 134, SR 170, and I-5--run through Burbank, and within its borders lies a regional commuter airport, the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport. The airport provides quick-and-easy access for domestic business travelers while also offering local businesses the opportunity to conveniently house corporate aircraft. Additionally, the city is home to a Regional Intermodal Transportation Center (RITC). The RITC lies at the intersection of the Ventura County and Lancaster/Palmdale train lines, which gives commuters from as far away as Oxnard or Lancaster direct access to Burbank without switching trains.

Once commuters arrive in Burbank, they can board shuttles that take them directly to their workplaces in downtown Burbank, the Media District, or the Airport District. The RITC is also serviced by Metropolitan Transit Authority bus lines, the Glendale Beeline, Santa Clarita Transit, and Los Angeles Commuter Express.

Media Madness

Businesses looking for close proximity to the media industry find Burbank their top choice. The city is currently home to three major studios: Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros., and NBC's West Coast Headquarters. All three studios have initiated master plans for expansion over the next 20 years, with Walt Disney planning for a total of 1.81 million square feet, Warner Bros. for 3.3 million square feet, and NBC for 1.9 million square feet.


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