Stories for April 1998

Monday, April 27


Carl Williams turns 30 next month, and already his Karl Kani clothing company grosses $69 million in annual sales.


Erly Industries Inc. was the second most profitable company in Los Angeles County over the past five years, but the next five years may not be quite so rewarding.


For years, the Business Journal dutifully published a list of the 100 fastest-growing public companies in Los Angeles County, using revenue growth as the one and only gauge. The list, though, didn't account for earnings growth and better still, a compan


OK, so it may not be the first name that comes to mind when considering L.A.'s biggest corporate success stories. But Herbalife International Inc., No. 1 on this year's Business Journal list, has gotten there both the old-fashioned way (massive growth) an

At Home

Now that April 15 is past, it's a good time to look at what you can do for next tax season to reduce the stress involved in preparing taxes for your home business.


There are all kinds of ways to measure financial performance, but the Business Journal based its ranking of most profitable public companies on average return on equity over a five-year period.


Buoyed by two drugs in which it has a virtual monopoly, Amgen Inc. has become the world's largest biotechnology company.

Anderson add

Anderson originally planned to follow in the footsteps of his father, eventually taking over his Minneapolis barbershop. His father, however, encouraged Anderson to go on to college, and Anderson chose UCLA partially to join the university's hockey team


The Business Journal's list of the 100 most profitable public companies in Los Angeles is full of names you've probably never heard of and missing quite a few of L.A.'s more prominent businesses.


Microsoft's public relations fiasco is a case study of how a powerful corporation can lose its credibility in the marketplace of public opinion because of a leaked secretive public relations campaign.


Buying the stocks of L.A.'s most profitable companies has not necessarily been a wise investment.


The Los Angeles business world, never really a Fortune 500 sort of scene, is less than ever dominated by giant enterprises. Indeed, the companies most likely to be hiring and growing are characterized by another phrase: middle market.


Foundation Health Systems wound up high on the Business Journal list because of its phenomenal growth in the mid-1990s but 1997 was a different story.


A faded neon sign with missing letters points to the entrance of a Boyle Heights hardware store on Whittier Boulevard. Down the street, the storefront of a Mexican bakery is nameless except for an envelope-sized nameplate hanging on the front door.


Concerned that LAX is losing the public relations battle over its controversial expansion plans, Mayor Richard Riordan has tapped a close associate to get the project back on track.


The Los Angeles Newspaper Group is gearing up for its battle against the dominant Los Angeles Times, hiring a veteran newsman to help develop shared editorial content for the five-paper chain.


Superior Industries International Inc. has made profitable inroads into the aluminum truck and auto wheel market, reporting an 18 percent increase in income during 1997. Its stock, meanwhile, has risen about 20 percent during the same period.

Market Column

You wouldn't expect a bunch of fitness-obsessed muscle merchants to figure out a way to make money faster and more effectively on the World Wide Web than many of the nation's publishing giants. But the folks at Weider Publications Inc. in Woodland Hills a

Media One

Cable company MediaOne has begun offering local telephone service in Los Angeles County, officially ending the monopoly that GTE and Pacific Bell have enjoyed for decades.


Despite negative publicity about its multimillion-dollar settlement for overcharging customers, the cable company is moving forward with business development plans. Next on its agenda: completing an acquisition, upgrading its cable systems and creating a


For all its success over the past five years, Staar Surgical Co. could be in store for more good news.

Entrepreneur's Notebook

A properly managed inventory system not only reduces costs by increasing turnover and freeing up capital, it also gives you the opportunity to negotiate the best prices.

Weekly Briefing

In 1982, Carole Wade left her career as a fund raiser and moved to China to join her husband, who had set up a consulting office in Peking. Once there, she got the idea for a business that would provide accommodations and travel arrangements in the United


John Anderson has been among the giants of the Los Angeles business community for decades. During his career he has owned a bank, founded a law firm, chaired two public companies, given countless seminars, taught accounting classes and purchased dozens of


Any doubts about Rupert Murdoch's intentions as an L.A. sports mogul were put to rest recently with word that his Fox Group unit is acquiring options to purchase minority stakes in the Lakers and Kings. In addition, another Murdoch partnership has acquire

Real Estate Column

The Westside is the hottest office market in terms of tenant demand and rent hikes, but it has been pretty poky so far this year when it comes to large building sales.


No. I think it's a fair market, and if one company can get most of the shares in the market, go for it. I think that's what our economy is based on. I think if other companies feel (Fox is) taking too much of a share, they should take a little more intere


Don't let modest sales figures fool you: Some of L.A.'s small public companies are among the area's most profitable.


In an April 20 story, the Business Journal misstated comments from Peter O'Colmain of The Regent Beverly Wilshire, who is paraphrased as saying that his hotel "doesn't have to constantly keep up with the competition." In fact, O'Colman said hotels must ke


You might think aerospace has been grounded in Los Angeles, but then you might think wrong.

Company Index



Part-time workers and those who work out of their homes would be entitled to the same benefits and pay scales as their full-time counterparts under legislation backed by organized labor.

Bug Guy

Known as "the bug guy," Kutcher keeps his focus on insects in an industry in which most trainers handle somewhat larger animals, from alligators to zebras.

Daily Journal

Guess Inc. has agreed to reinstate 13 laid-off workers and to pay $113,000 in back pay to 20 other workers to settle charges that the company tried to thwart a labor-organizing campaign by illegally dismissing pro-union workers.


Wendy Klein has been appointed senior manager of the new South Bay office of West L.A.-based Roth, Bookstein & Zaslow LLP. She specializes in personal and business tax planning, administrative and management systems and financial analysis. Klein previousl


From law firms to sign makers to advertising agencies to charities, bank mergers are having a wide-ranging impact on Los Angeles not even counting the obvious fallouts from banking job losses and branch closures.


A temporary agency for lab technicians and scientists, On Assignment Inc. continues to be on a roll.


The 100 most profitable public companies in Los Angeles are every bit as diverse as the region itself.


The stock market has risen roughly 20 percent a year, compounded, since 1982, and 80 percent over the past two years. That's measured by Standard & Poor's index of 500 stocks, with dividends reinvested.


A low-profile drink is making a splash in L.A.'s trendy circles, even though it isn't exactly a new phenomenon in fact, it's been around for centuries.

Corp Focus

Twentieth Century Industries continues to be the comeback kid of the insurance business.

LA stories

L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan may be taking a $1-a-year salary, but he says it's costing the city much more just to do the paperwork.


Any doubts about Rupert Murdoch's intentions as an L.A. sports mogul were put to rest recently with word that his Fox Group unit is acquiring options to purchase minority stakes in the Lakers and Kings. In addition, another Murdoch partnership has acquire


If there is a lesson to be learned in the four-year tenure of David Lubars as both creative director and chief executive of L.A.-based BBDO West, it's that outstanding creative types don't always make outstanding business managers.


Size matters when it comes to the recent mega-mergers in banking. So does the reaction among business customers.

Computer Column

It's hardly news to personal computer users that the Internet is the greatest reference tool ever built. A connection to the Net gives you a connection to the world's largest library, with ready access to information, be it animal, vegetable, mineral, his


For the first time in more than two decades, new movie theaters are planned for Southeast L.A. County an area that has missed out on the boom in multiplex theaters.


Hollywood took time out from its busy schedule to tout its economic impact last week, hoping to convince any recalcitrant government agencies out there that the entertainment industry is indeed a bulwark of the state and local economy.


Ken Funsten doesn't fit the traditional profile of a money manager who specializes in high-yield bonds.

Monday, April 20

Mid Cities Events

? Transpacific Development Co. is finalizing the sale of Cerritos Town Center to Spieker Properties.


As other large L.A. companies have merged or moved, Atlantic Richfield Co. has remained solid as a rock one of the city's great corporate citizens, and one of the strongest supporters of downtown Los Angeles.

Inland events

? Sanyo Logistics leased a new speculative 750,000-sq.-ft. building at Majestic Airport Center in Ontario and is relocating there from the City of Industry.


A plan to extend the Long Beach (710) Freeway through South Pasadena and East Los Angeles was finally approved by the federal government last week, after 33 years of heated debate.


The industrial real estate market remained tight in the San Gabriel Valley during the first quarter of 1998, as foul weather slowed some developers who are adding to the region's building inventory.

Mid Citites

Demand significantly outpaced supply during the first quarter in the mostly industrial Mid-Cities market.

Letter Antonovich

The Alameda Corridor is vital to Los Angeles County's economic development. It will significantly upgrade the competitive stance for our county as a trading partner with the Pacific Rim. However, this project ignores the mitigation required by the 30 citi


With its movies stumbling badly at the box office and its top executives being ushered out the door, Universal Studios Inc. is looking more and more like a bad investment for Seagram Co. Ltd. and its chief executive, Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Weekly Briefing

Omar Scaife, 24-year-old owner of Scaife Protection Services, began his company in 1996 after working as a security guard himself. He observed that other security companies didn't have much loyalty to their employees, didn't pay them well and didn't seek

Computer Column

Microsoft, the software giant, seems at last to have begun to understand how it came to be perhaps the most successful and powerful technology company on earth, and perhaps the most unpopular as well.


L.A. County's three commercial airports Los Angeles International Airport, Burbank Airport and Long Beach Airport served 65.5 million passengers in 1997, up from 63.2 million in 1996. Long Beach Airport had the biggest increase in passenger traffic la

Market Column

Most 24-year-olds would be hard-pressed to grow much of anything beyond mildew in the shower tiles, but Charles N. Gerencser has been put in charge of growing a newspaper in one of the nation's most competitive media markets.

Downtown Events

? Kennedy-Wilson purchased the 278,187-sq.-ft. Wilshire Bixel Building at 1055 Wilshire from American Trading for $25 million.


Helisys Inc., once considered one of L.A.'s most promising high-tech firms, is in the midst of a financial meltdown.


Seeking to cut costs and boost revenues, CB Commercial Real Estate Group Inc. is planning to shutter some of its 15 Southern California offices and end the traditional 50-50 commission splits with brokers.


With space tight for factories and distribution centers throughout much of Los Angeles County, the Antelope and Santa Clarita valleys had a hot first quarter for industrial development.


An East Coast megastore is posing a new threat to local music store giant Guitar Center, with plans to open four stores in Southern California by the middle of the year ? including one down the street from Guitar Center's Hollywood flagship.

Nocounty Events

? Ground was broken on a 1 million-sq.-ft. Rite Aid Corp. distribution center in Lancaster which will be the largest building in the Antelope Valley.


The Internet already allows investors to buy financial products ranging from certificates of deposit to mutual funds with a click of a mouse button.


Question: My family runs a clothing manufacturing business. Several years ago, we received a bank loan for $450,000 which helped us launch a very successful enterprise. But we're so successful almost all of our free cash is tied up in receivables, and we'

Small Biz

Sometimes even an old dog learns new tricks. Take 82-year-old Richard Behr, for example, who has been introducing new technologies in the security surveillance industry for nearly 50 years.


Like any of the hundreds of dry-cleaning stores in the area, Sterling Cleaners will take your dirty clothes off your hands and return them clean and pressed, ready to wear on the same day, if you need it.

SF Valley

The first quarter kicked off in high gear in the San Fernando Valley, where the office market was very active due to limited class-A space.


Last week, the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency marked its 50th anniversary. During its half-century history the agency has guided the investment of more than $8 billion from private developers, transformed the downtown L.A. skyline and brought


There is a quiet real estate recovery going on in many of L.A.'s minority communities, with both prices and sales volume on the rise.


Tables based on data from April 2 - April 8. Abbreviations: (H) stock hit new 52 week high; (L) stock hit new 52 week low; (S) stock split during week.


Even though much of L.A. County is developed out, leaving little room for new homes in areas like Westwood, Long Beach, Tarzana or Downey, new homes are being built in the county mostly on its edges.


One of the Business Journal's pillars is its real estate coverage, and one of the highlights of that is its quarterly real estate special report. It offers by far the most comprehensive review of real estate in Los Angeles.


It was a tough year for Long Beach in 1994. Walt Disney Co. decided against building a water-themed attraction in the city, and the recession and defense cutbacks were throwing thousands of local people out of work.


25 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK: The state Legislature was investigating the California Insurance Department's failure to uncover an alleged phony insurance scam by Century City-based Equity Funding Life Insurance Co. Manpower was cited as one problem: The departm


Heading into the spring home-buying season, Los Angeles County's long-languishing residential real estate market is once again in a full-fledged upswing.


Not all of Los Angeles County is enjoying the housing recovery at least not yet.


Wherever investors gather, you're going to find fraud and the Internet is an especially hospitable spot.


The closer to the water or the higher on a hill, the hotter the housing market in Los Angeles.


Back in 1995, Crown Prince Inc. noticed that its core business canned sardines, kipper snacks, oysters and other specialty seafood was shrinking.


Kim Jakwerth has been named to head Marleah Leslie & Associates' new music division. She will retain her title as vice president.


The 1998 Book of Lists listed an incorrect phone number for A-Mark Precious Metals. The correct number is (310) 319-0200.


The rebounding real estate market and a quirk in state tax law could bring a surprise tax jolt to thousands of L.A. County property owners who won tax reductions during the prolonged real estate slump.


Don't search TV Guide for the debut episode of "Chad's World," a new dramatic series for teens. Turn on your computer.


Now that commercial and industrial real estate has become a hot commodity again, real estate appraisers are working overtime to keep up with the demand for their services. It's not only when a building changes hands, however, that one turns to an appraisa

Letter Katz

The designation of the L.A. Business Journal as one of the five best business weeklies in the country only confirms what your regular readers already knew: you are the best. As a CPA and a citizen activist, your paper is must reading every week. Even duri


The current boom in home sales is again driving people into the business, part of a cyclical pattern that occurs when prices and with them commissions start heading up.


The Orange County boys are invading Los Angeles. Securities firm Cruttenden Roth Inc., the prolific initial public offering underwriting outfit based in Irvine, three years ago established Kit Jennings in West Los Angeles to win investment banking busines


The $12 billion-plus Los Angeles County budget that comes out this week is likely to contain a bonanza for business: tens of millions of dollars in new contracts to be awarded in the 1998-1999 fiscal year, which starts July 1.

Company Index



I just wanted to take a moment to say "bravo" and congratulations on your recent Banking and Finance Special Report focusing on inner-city lending (March 30). Excellent, and very well done!


Seeking office space for their headquarters staffs, the campaigns of gubernatorial candidates Al Checci and Gray Davis both checked out a suite in the Museum Square building on Wilshire Boulevard's Miracle Mile last year.

LABJ Forum

Last week, BankAmerica Corp. and NationsBank Corp. announced a $62 billion merger that, if approved, would create the second-largest bank in the country. Only a week before, Citicorp and Travelers Group Inc. announced a planned merger that would be the la


Ventura County office and industrial properties sustained a strong level of investment in the first quarter, prompting comparisons to the real estate sales market of the 1980s.

Adlist Column

L.A.'s economic uptick has had a beneficial effect on L.A. ad agencies, as local companies that slashed their marketing budgets during hard times are looking to promote their products once again.


The strong regional economy and a robust financial services sector are helping breathe some life into the office markets of downtown Los Angeles.


Sixteen months after his ignominious ouster as president of Walt Disney Co., Michael Ovitz has raised the curtain on the next act of his life and it's not in Hollywood.

Corp Foucs

CyberMedia Inc. is yet another high-flying tech company to come crashing down to earth, but the reasons behind its nosedive have been more complicated than those that derailed many of its peers.


It was 1990, and the L.A. market was heading into a prolonged slump. But to Chase, the recession was like boot camp giving her the grit to thrive as the market rebounded.


A visit to one of L.A.'s luxury hotels used to mean plusher rooms, finer food and more individual attention.


The Wilshire Corridor office market showed marginal gains in the first quarter, and long-troubled Hollywood was buoyed by plans for a 663,000-square-foot retail-entertainment complex by TrizecHahn Development Co. at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue

Letter Heston

Fistfights while waiting in line for an overcrowded bus. Cigarette-laden floors, scratched-up windows. Jammed, sweltering, rickety vehicles. The Los Angeles Business Journal's recent article, "Rosa's Rough Ride" (March 30), paints a grim picture of public


Just when you thought the Westside office market couldn't get any hotter, along came the first quarter of 1998.


The big news in the Tri-Cities of Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena was not what happened, but rather what didn't happen in the first quarter.


Businesses on top of the bull market in residential real estate are having a wild ride.


The real estate market got off to a comparatively slow start in 1998, considering the robust pace of leasing and investment activity at the end of last year.

Year 2000

A statewide coalition of high-tech companies, banks, credit card issuers, manufacturers and other businesses groups is pushing for legislation that would limit their liability in class-action lawsuits arising out of the "Year 2000" computer problem.

Thursday, April 16

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This year's "Women of the Year" festivities, presented by the Los Angeles Business Journal on Thursday, April 16th from 5-8 p.m. at the Pacific Design Center's Green Theater, promises to be a gala event. Women business owners from a variety of differen


The so-called "Angel of Death" has created a public relations nightmare for Glendale Adventist Medical Center, but hospital officials insist that business has not been hurt by the episode.

Weekly Briefing

Tile and electrical contractors Bob and Chuck Mellon were out riding dirt bikes one day when Chuck took a spill, tearing a small hole in the sleeve of his sweatshirt. The next time he put it on, he found that his thumb popped through the hole, creating a

Small Biz

Almost six years after Kevin Copeland founded his company, it will finally be in business next month.


As an independence movement in the San Fernando Valley picks up steam, tourism officials have a new twist: a marketing campaign to promote the Valley as a tourist attraction in its own right.


Afternoon naps are one of the great pleasures of working at home. They are also a seasoned work-at-homer's secret to productivity. As many people who work at home know, even a 20-minute rest can leave you feeling rested and energized for the rest of the d


The two major business-related initiatives on the June 2 ballot Propositions 224 and 226 are generating millions of dollars in campaign contributions from business and labor groups.


The much-anticipated film "Godzilla" may set a whole new standard not necessarily in special effects for gigantic dinosaurs, but in the terms that distributors demand from theaters.


Howard Weitzman, the former top entertainment attorney who has headed Universal's corporate operations for the past two and a half years, is the second high-level casualty of the senior management team assembled by Seagram Co. Chief Executive Edgar Bronfm


There is a shift taking place. It is a change of attitude. This shift is happening throughout our culture. It is to be found both in the individual and in the company. This shift is the focus of the future.


Today's employers face a workplace in which employees change jobs more frequently than ever often to start new businesses in the same market as their former employer.


The prospect of a national steel strike was not being taken seriously at the Earle M. Jorgensen Co. At the company's annual meeting, Chairman Earle M. Jorgensen said the Vietnam War necessitated ongoing steel production and made it likely that President L


As we enter the month that has been dedicated to women in business, I have had an


Globalization of your business is one the key issues in surviving and excelling in the current global economy. Even if you sometimes feel that today's requirement of mastering the global market is very challenging for a small business, remember that advan


SmarTalk TeleServices Inc., named by the Business Journal as L.A. County's fastest-growing public company in 1997, has hit some speed bumps.

RE Column

Last summer, LuxCore LLC announced plans to build a $150 million motion picture and television studio on a 12-acre site in Culver City. The project was widely touted as the city's first ground-up studio development since Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. opened it


Faced with a shrinking number of tenants, California Mart, the premier downtown showroom for Southern California's apparel industry, is going after a new market.


When Thomas Wafer Jr. stepped into the role of publisher for Copley Press Inc.'s L.A. papers in the midst of a severe recession in 1993, one of his first jobs was to conduct a round of voluntary layoffs to reduce the papers' expenses.


"So I guess you've heard the news. Hughes is becoming part of the Ralphs family. And you know what? For all of us who love our Hughes family market, it's really great news, because all the Hughes people you've known for so long, all the smiles you get whe


You can make them baggier or tighter, darker or lighter, with pockets or with fancy stitching, but it's hard to improve on the classic American blue jean.


Conspiracy theorists might want to examine the methods and motivations of Sanford Weill, the chief executive of Travelers Group Inc. and mastermind behind the nation's largest, most audacious merger.


This year's "Women of the Year" festivities, presented by the Los Angeles Business Journal on Thursday, April 16th from 5-8 p.m. at the Pacific Design Center's Green Theater, promises to be a gala event. Women business owners from a variety of differen


Last week, Citicorp and Travelers Group Inc. announced an agreement to merge in a record-breaking, $83 billion deal that, if approved, would be the largest merger in U.S. history. The merger is a direct challenge to Congress to overhaul the nation's banki

Digest Add

The Los Angeles Airport Commission last week postponed voting on a controversial plan to award exclusive shuttle concessions to LAX's two largest operators Prime Time Shuttle and SuperShuttle Inc.

LA Stories

What's the hottest rental at Budget Rent A Car of Beverly Hills? The Corvette convertible? A Porsche Boxster? A Jaguar?


Small Businesses have many more choices for health care coverage than they had even five years ago when it comes to health care coverage. The State of California improved access to coverage for those individuals who have life-threatening illnesses and ma


It's a weekday afternoon at the tony women's shoe salon at Nieman Marcus in Beverly Hills. Dozens of boxes are stacked or spread across the carpet, as nearly two dozen women hunt, somewhat desperately, for the perfect pump or stiletto. Edgy husbands look


The building that garners some of downtown L.A.'s highest rents and a rare 100 percent occupancy rate isn't a gleaming trophy tower on Bunker Hill.


Proxy war veteran John Kelly is a ground commander for a budding movement: institutional shareholder activism.


In an effort to strengthen the region's high-tech sector, a pair of county-backed groups are holding workshops to help local companies find funding.

Computer Column

We all know how exasperating personal computers can be when they don't work. But every once in a while the PC industry comes along with a new application that is so useful, so cool, that it almost makes you forget the daily frustrations.

Company Index2



Tables based on data from April 2 - April 8. Abbreviations: (H) stock hit new 52 week high; (L) stock hit new 52 week low; (S) stock split during week.


Like battle-weary soldiers, Los Angeles' small and mid-size banks are showing little fear at the bombshell news that Travelers Group and Citicorp are making plans to merge.


The Pomona-based firm supplies cut-price body parts, such as bumpers, windshields and door panels, to automobile repair shops.

Monday, April 13


The Los Angeles Business Journal has been named one of the top five business weeklies in the nation by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers.


After years of legal squabbling, officials with the $2 billion Alameda Corridor project say they expect to have agreements later this month with Compton and Lynwood, two of the six cities along the proposed 19-mile route.

Monday, April 6


Small-business owners who comprise 75 percent of the employers in Los Angeles County have been granted a temporary reprieve from the state's ergonomics regulation.

LA Story

Computer "reseller" has become a generic term that refers to vendors who sell a wide range of computer products and services. But these resellers usually do more than sell computers. They may also help businesses assess technology needs, install systems,


Since retiring from pro basketball for good in 1996, Earvin "Magic" Johnson has gained national acclaim for his successful chain of inner-city cinemas and shopping centers.

Asia Crisis

The Department of Treasury and Department of Commerce recenltly released a state-by-state analysis about the importance of Asian markets to California.


The U.S. Bureau of the Census reported their population estimates for counties as of July 1, 1997. Four Southern California counties were in the top 10 for numerical gains between 1996 and 1997, including Los Angeles (number two in the nation), Orange (

Farmer John

After an eight-year stalemate with the family owner of a Vernon factory that makes Farmer John meat products, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 770 has ended its boycott against the company and is about to enter into contract negotiations.


Times Mirror Co. Chairman and Chief Executive Mark Willes received a 34 percent pay raise in 1997, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Lilly Tartikoff, widow of network television wunderkind Brandon Tartikoff, has become the driving force behind "Blade Squad," a planned series for Fox Television about high-tech, rollerblade-riding cops that her husband first began developing four years a


"We've got a live spam here!" announced Aaron Higbee, a "network abuse administrator" at Earthlink Network Inc. in Pasadena. "This guy is sending batches of 40 messages every couple minutes. Like we wouldn't notice."


Good help may be hard to find, but in L.A.'s booming new-media and information technology industries, it's practically impossible.


Of the 50 largest law firms in Los Angeles, only six have had women managing partners. Now there's a seventh: Pamela Kohlman Webster, the new president of downtown L.A.-based Buchalter, Nemer, Fields & Younger.


What does President Clinton have in common with countless business owners and managers around the country? He has been grilled relentlessly and as it turns out, pointlessly on a charge of sexual harassment.


The North American Securities Administrators Association recently identified the top 10 frauds to which investors easily fall prey.

Small Biz

The computer crash that many are anticipating for the year 2000 is making Phyliss Murphy very happy.


As a youth growing up in Michigan, he had a paper route, shoveled snow and cleaned offices. During the years he was leading the Lakers to five NBA championships, Johnson launched businesses on the side and sought practical advice from Lakers owner Jerry B

RE Column Add

TrizecHahn announced last week that it will build a new 3,300-seat venue for the annual Academy Awards show (and other events) as the centerpiece of its $350 million entertainment-retail project next to the historic Mann's Chinese Theatre. TrizecHahn rece


45 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK: The Korean War was doing good things for L.A.'s aircraft industry. Burbank-based Pacific Airmotive Corp. reported that business had increased 54 percent since the war began the previous year. PAC President Thomas Wolfe told shareho


Lilly Tartikoff, widow of network television wunderkind Brandon Tartikoff, has become the driving force behind "Blade Squad," a planned series for Fox Television about high-tech, rollerblade-riding cops that her husband first began developing four years a

Teaser Rates

Century City-based Houlihan, Lokey, Howard & Zukin was the nation's second-busiest investment banker in 1997, in terms of middle-market mergers and acquisitions deals, according to Securities Data Corp.


One of the nice things about covering business in Los Angeles as opposed to St. Louis, Pittsburgh or Detroit is that there are so many larger-than-life people based in L.A. And they all seem to be cutting deals.

Letter Shaffer

El Ni & #324;o storms have been hammering golf courses, outdoor caf & #233;s and assorted other small businesses across Los Angeles for months. Now the storms' effects are hitting the bottom lines of some of L.A.'s bigger companies.


You know or should know that your phone number also is your account number at most telephone companies. But have you ever considered the risks?


Foreign automakers like Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corp. generate almost 1.3 million jobs nationwide and contribute more than $43 billion annually to the U.S. economy, according to a new study.


Tables based on data from March 26 - April 1. Abbreviations: (H) stock hit new 52 week high; (L) stock hit new 52 week low; (S) stock split during week.


Regardless of how you try to develop customer loyalty or retention, the key word to remember is "communication."


Kaiser Permanente, the nation's largest HMO, announced plans to seek double-digit increases in California insurance rates. The move is expected to ripple throughout the health care industry, as other HMOs, which have been seeking more-modest increases of


If you're looking for a new desktop computer and have been dazzled by the $799 price tags, you're right to be dazzled. The combination of technology advancement and competition has made the PC world a buyer's market as never before. There are, however, a

Letter Gabbard

The Business Journal has performed an invaluable public service by giving a human face to the phrase "transit dependent" in its profile of Rosa Alvarado ("Rosa's Rough Ride," March 30). As a long-time user of public transit myself, I can readily relate to


The stories are strikingly similar. Rising labor costs and strict air quality regulations prompt a Buena Park furniture maker to consider moving his company and its 400 jobs out of California.

Corporate Focus

The rock-bottom crude oil prices of the last several months are expected to hit Los Angeles-based Atlantic Richfield Co. harder than other big oil companies.

Market Column

Everybody professes to admire it. Most want to acquire it. Some even know it when they see it. In the marketing world, it's normally a subject of interest to everyone.

Company Index



As the new president of CB Commercial Real Estate Group's institutional management services division, Jana Turner is responsible for the property-management portfolio of the nation's largest real estate company.


Recent moves by Rupert Murdoch's Fox Group to purchase a stake in the new Staples Center arena, as well as a portion of the Los Angeles Lakers, demonstrate that professional sports has become just another facet of show business.

RE Column

OK, OK you've been hearing about downtown's promised rebound since it started its slide into the real estate abyss years ago.


The city of Burbank is seeking to develop a new retail and entertainment district in an eight-block area to the southeast of its Media City Center.


The impact of Asia's financial crisis may have been overblown, according to UCLA Anderson's quarterly economic forecast.


Question: My husband and I are thinking about starting up a management consulting business. Since we spend most of our time in our clients' offices, we thought it would save overhead to base our business at home. Are there any other advantages that we sho


Julia Gouw has been appointed executive vice president of East West Bank at the company's San Marino headquarters. She previously was senior vice president and chief financial officer. Gouw will continue to serve as CFO and as a board member.


Since retiring from pro basketball for good in 1996, Earvin "Magic" Johnson has gained national acclaim for his successful chain of inner-city cinemas and shopping centers.