Get on With Westwood Project

I'm a Westwood homeowner who happens to be solidly in favor of the Village Center Westwood project as it is currently planned. I, like all of my neighbors and area merchants, want to see Westwood Village return to its status as a world-class shopping, dining and entertainment destination, while remaining true to its historical character and "village" atmosphere. I, too, was initially quite concerned, waiting to be convinced that the ultimate product would be appropriate to the Village. This project, after two years of work and revisions in response to residents' concerns and suggestions, is exactly what Westwood Village needs.

However, the "Friends of Westwood," who seem to be anything but, would have us believe that anyone who feels this way must have been somehow "bought" by the developer of Village Center Westwood, lra Smedra. The Los Angeles Business Council Board of Directors, of which I am chairman, carefully considered the project as its plan evolved, and only after it was changed to our satisfaction did we officially endorse it as an organization, with absolutely no input from Mr. Smedra or anyone from his organization. In my informal discussions with my neighbors and Village merchants, I find overwhelming support for this project. The small group that continues to oppose this project can only be doing so out of a personal desire to stop any kind of development and a preference for overgrown parking lots and empty buildings. Let's stop arguing over this project, recognize that the opposition is, in reality, a tiny minority of Westwood residents, get it built and once again start enjoying a shopping or dining trip into the Village!



Los Angeles Business Council

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