More on Spinning

In her Aug. 25 letter to the Los Angeles Business Journal ("Don't Believe the Spin Doctors"), Laura Lake sounds like she and her "friends" (of Westwood) have a personal vendetta against Ira Smedra, the developer of the Village Center Westwood project in Westwood. She never even mentions the project, but talks only about Smedra and his "spin doctors" which she says have been brought by Mr. Smedra. Laura Lake is herself a spin doctor, insisting on the "movie mall" spin which the Village Center Westwood project is not.

As a long-time resident of Westwood I resent that the future of our community is being influenced by this woman in what seems to be a mission to destroy Ira Smedra.

With respect to Ms. Lake's accusation that the project is illegal, I am reminded of the crisis in the 1920s, when alcohol was illegal. Prohibition was a bad law and it was repealed. The Westwood Specific Plan is a bad plan and it should be changed.



Greater Los Angeles Condo Association

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