No need to adjust your dial this is still the Business Journal. Just a new and improved version.

Phase Two of our makeover debuts this week, and while the changes are less pronounced than the ones we introduced last spring, the objective remains the same: A look that is up-to-date and provides more relevant, easily accessible information for our readers.

The biggest change is in our List pages. Beginning this week with our bank and savings and loan Lists, we've added an extensive information graphic to offer more perspective behind the numbers. Also included is an executive summary and a round-up of the biggest players within the List.

To the left of this column is a cleaner, livelier table of contents that is broken out by department. This column, by the way, is really more of a letter to readers a chance for me to tell you each week about Business Journal stories and the folks who reported them.

Of course, it's the content that still counts the most. And this week, our Who's Who in Technology provides an intriguing glimpse into L.A.'s hottest industry multimedia. If you don't recognize some of the names, you're not alone many of them have only been in business a couple of years. But pay close attention they're fast becoming major players within the entertainment/technology industries. One day soon, many of us will probably be working for them.

Mark Lacter


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