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Influential Family-Owned Businesses in Los Angeles: MAINTEX


MAINTEX has been Southern California’s leading chemical manufacturer and distributor of facility supplies and cleaning equipment for more than 55 years. A graduate chemist, Ralph Silverman began his career working in the specialty chemical industry, and he and his wife Marilyn founded MAINTEX in 1960. The company offers resources for research and development, and controls its own manufacturing and supply chain management, providing clients strict accountability and compliance for its products. The company serves numerous school districts, contract cleaning firms, hospitals, and municipalities. Maintex has expanded into larger facilities three times over the years as its product lines and client base continue to grow.

Today, the second generation runs the company. Ralph and Marilyn’s son Stuart is CEO, and daughter Linda Silverman is President. Stuart’s son Danny Silverman is Director of Strategic Operations and daughter Shaina Silverman works in the marketing department, representing the third generation. The family is committed to advancing Ralph’s vision, and continues to expand MAINTEX’s product lines, sales and distribution throughout Southern California.

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