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Shaping the skylines in California for 60 years is an accomplishment worth celebrating, especially for a company focused on finding unique ways to solve some of the industry’s most complex challenges.

“Throughout the 2023 calendar year, we’re celebrating 60 years—reflecting on where we’ve been and the exciting new places we’re headed,” said Pankow President, Dave Eichten. “Pankow was built on a strong purpose to solve the needs of our clients and bring forward solutions that will help transform our industry,” said Eichten. “We will continue to build on this legacy while consistently delivering exceptional business results,” said Eichten.

On May 17th, 1963, Design-Build innovator Charles Pankow launched his new company determined to excel in concrete construction while he experimented and refined the Design-Build method. Pankow has gone on to construct thousands of structures nationwide and is nationally recognized for its ability to introduce and advance better building methods. Pankow achievements have helped define the construction industry, its practices, and professional organizations. Charles Pankow was one of the founding members of the Design Build Institute of America (DBIA), and Pankow has continued to infuse it with leadership.

The company looks to the future excitedly, well positioned for continued growth and innovation in the next 60 years. “Pankow will remain nimble and ready to embrace change,” said Mike Concannon, CEO of Pankow. “As the industry evolves beyond the boundaries of construction as usual, Pankow’s leadership will keep us at the forefront of our client’s needs for years to come,” said Concannon.

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