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Top 100 Lawyers 2022 – William Delgado

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William Delgado
Managing Partner

William Delgado, managing partner of minority-owned law firm DTO Law, which he co-founded in 2019, is a relentless litigator focused on superior results. He approaches litigation with a clear focus: win, as fast as possible. To do that, he dives into his clients’ business so that he has a clear understanding of what matters, what doesn’t, what creates leverage, and what triggers a successful outcome.

Delgado did not inherit a book of business from a retiring partner; rather, he built his book of business from scratch, relying on the same tenacity that fueled him throughout his early years. His book has grown year after year in the class action, commercial litigation, and intellectual property arenas. Not only does he continue to represent major clients, he is representing them in significant matters such as his work for American Honda in both a patent case and in four major class actions.

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