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(Partnership of State of California, Los Angeles County, Dignity Health, Kaiser Permanente)

Demonstrating a spirit of collaboration combined with a passion for protecting and healing the people of our region, in a matter of days, the State of California, Los Angeles County, Dignity Health, and Kaiser Permanente partnered to open the Los Angeles Surge Hospital (LASH), a temporary facility that added critically needed beds to help safely meet the needs of an expected surge of patients with COVID-19. The collaboration was the first of its kind and a true public-private partnership: the state funded the hospital and its operations, LA County coordinated intake and transfer requests from public and private hospitals, and Dignity Health and Kaiser Permanente provided operational expertise and management oversight.

In less than 30 days, the partnering organizations transformed a local decommissioned facility into a fully operational COVID-19 hospital prepared to serve 250 patients. Specifically, LASH provided the majority of services found in a traditional hospital – from IT services, pharmacy, imaging, linens, and food and nutrition services. In turn, LASH not only added vital resources at a pivotal moment, but also provided complex ICU services to some of the most vulnerable patients affected by COVID-19. Thanks to the tireless efforts of 500 physicians, nurses, health care workers and staff who brought the surge hospital to life and maintained the facility, patients treated at LASH received advanced high-quality and compassionate care consistent with standards across the country. The opening and operation of LASH speaks to the power of partnership at a critical moment, and is a testament to the values of collaboration, creativity, and community.

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