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Direct Quotes

ADVERTISING: PK4’s new ad tech eases online placement.

PK4’s new ad tech will let customers take a more direct approach with online placement.

Blow-Dry App More Than Just Hot Air

Beautiq lets customers bring range of beauty services to them.

Beautiq looks to air out the industry with an app letting users bring blow-dry and other styling services to them.

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Direct Lines

BEAUTY: M. Steves’ salespeople to target networks of family, friends to move company’s skin care products.

M. Steves looks to flesh out a direct sales model to deliver its skin care line to consumers.

Investment Firm Pulls Into Operator of Gas Stations

RETAIL: Fortress’ deal for Appel-owned United Oil also includes Apro.

Appels pull out of United Oil after the family-founded gas station operator’s sale to Fortress.

Beer to Take Wing at Airports

Golden Road crafts special brew as means to boost brand.

Craft brewer Golden Road targets airport distribution to help the brand take off.

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Boutique Hotel Project Checks Into Redondo Beach

development: Work starts on Shade with scheduled opening for November 2015.

Nearly a year after its ceremonial groundbreaking, construction has begun in earnest in Redondo Beach on the second location of Shade, a luxury boutique hotel.

Classic Approach

Restaurateur Lisa Vanderpump says she takes a classic approach to clothing.

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Mother Helping Family Punch Up Bottled Sangria

ALCOHOL: Wine business hopes to tap celeb appeal of Lisa Vanderpump.

Vanderpump Wines and Spirits looks to mix it up in the bottled sangria market with its premium product.

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Buying In?

RETAIL: Del Amo Fashion Center enters second phase of renovation with hopes tied to Nordstrom as big draw.

Nordstrom’s tenancy could be the key to selling shoppers on the Del Amo Fashion Center’s renovation.

Violinist Not Ready to Bow Out

Shortly after Andrew Silber opened his Whale & Ale pub in San Pedro, he hired a retired violinist to provide entertainment every Friday night.

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